Wednesday, January 8, 2020

MARVEL STUDIOS Possibly Working on New ABC Series by FEIGE

There is a new day dawning for television programming based on characters from Marvel Comics, even as several existing series have ended, are coming to a close, or never went beyond development. This is due to the empowering vision of Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios which created the MCU franchise, and now Chief Creative Officer of the whole Marvel Entertainment umbrella under Disney. While the focus of Marvel Studios outside of the MCU movies so far is on more franchise tie-in shows streaming for Disney+, they apparently have not ignored TV networks completely, as Feige is reported to have a new ABC series planned.

According to Comic Book Resources, there have been recent talks between Kevin Feige and Karey Burke of ABC Entertainment regarding the possibility of bringing a new show featuring Marvel characters on the network. This is significant considering ABC’s primary Marvel series, “Agents of SHIELD,” is coming to a close with its upcoming seventh season. Furthermore, a new deal will need to be formed between Marvel and ABC considering “SHIELD” was a Marvel Television production, and that arm of Marvel Entertainment was absorbed into Marvel Studios late last year, shortly after Feige was named Marvel CCO.

Burke notes that Marvel has been great partners with ABC over the years, and that the network is sad to see “Agents of SHIELD” concluding soon. "We’re looking forward to working with Kevin Feige and we’re at the very beginning of conversations with him now about what a Marvel and ABC show might look like,” he says, though he also adds that it was understandable that the studio focus on the original exclusive content it will premiere on Disney+ first. It also has to keep the films going, with the MCU proper on its fourth phase and “Black Widow” premiering this year on May 1.

Formed in 2010 with Jeph Loeb as executive VP, Marvel Television produced TV shows for several networks and streaming services. Some of these series were either tied to the MCU franchise (such as those on ABC and Netflix) while others were tangentially connected to the “X-Men” films from 20th Century Fox. Marvel TV also oversaw the various animated productions of Marvel Animation, which aired mostly on Disney Channel or XD.

While talks between Kevin Feige and ABC continue on what new Marvel series might grace that network after the end of “Agents of SHIELD,” the stable of Marvel Television shows co-produced by Netflix (with referential MCU ties) might soon have their rights reverting to Marvel Studios following an exclusivity period with Netflix that would end two years after the series ended or was cancelled. The first of these “Iron Fist,” got axed after two seasons in October 2018, and will apparently become free this year.

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