Tuesday, January 14, 2020

“MAKE IT WITH YOU” Premiere on ABS-CBN Ranks High on TWITTER

The Kapamilya Network has hyped it with all the skill and star power at its disposal since the year before, and this past Monday its premiere did not disappoint. But then, how could a new tele-serye from ABS-CBN and headlined by the Lizquen pairing to boot even fail in the face of the Filipino viewing audience? “Make It With You” already had the ingredients that would make it a hit with the Philippine crowd: a top romantic pairing as leads, having its story partly set in a foreign country, and a quality creative team behind the story. It means only one thing: a trending premiere.

As ABS-CBN News tells it, the first episode of “Make It With You,” airing January 13 following the conclusion of “Starla” the week before, found itself one of the top trending topics on social media, namely Twitter. Then again it was the only conceivable outcome considering where the new tele-serye begins its story. The main characters are Filipinos overseas; in particular they are in Croatia, at the capital city of Dubrovnik which has become a TV-viewing darling due to it being used to film scenes of King’s Landing in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

The lives of the leads could not be more different. Liza Soberano’s Billy is a savvy OFW who supplements her official earnings by engaging in compensated dating with a succession of Croatian sugar daddies. Enrique Gil on the other hand portrays Gabo, a Filipino illegal immigrant who only manages to enter the country in a risky border gambit. Now he takes on menial work as he travels from place to place, eventually reaching Dubrovnik where his path crosses with Billy. She mistakenly assumes Gabo to be her latest date (aka swindling target) and takes him along. From this chance encounter springs a love story that only Star Creatives can tell.

From the cinematography alone, viewers can truly appreciate the sights and sounds of Croatia in “Make It With You,” definitely helped by how the scenes feel like they were shot as a movie. Seeing Filipino characters like Gabo and Billy interacting with foreigners in a foreign land is one of the prominent themes in the show, and proof that the tele-serye has more meat in its plot than just seeing Lizquen playing characters that fall in love all over again; small wonder then that the new Kapamilya program became the top Philippine trending topic and 8th worldwide trending Twitter topic.
“Make It With You” airs weekdays on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida block, following “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”

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