Monday, January 6, 2020

LG OLED HD TV with ROLL-IN Screen COMING Q2/Q3 2020

The next big thing for the development of audiovisual display technology, apparently, is the ability to act sort of like paper. Several manufacturers of mobile devices have already introduced new smartphones that can unfold into larger tablets – or vice versa – with a new incredible bending LCD screens. But South Korean electronics giant LG may have these beat in terms of size. During the Consumer Electronics Showcase event last year they introduced a sweet flat-screen HD television that can literally roll up its screen mechanically into its base for storage. After about a year with no further news, LG has announced that the roll-up TV is soon to become commercially available.

According to The Verge, LG is just about set to ship out their rather exotic new television set with its ingenious roll-up flat-screen. The Korean electronics manufacturer has pegged either the second or third quarter of this New Year, 2020, to be the release period for this rolling-screen TV, the product name of which has not quite been revealed. At full extension from its base, the roll-up flat screen has the kind of dimensions that are expected of high-end HD TVs as these, with 65 inches of 4K OLED screen.

But prospective buyers of this futuristic TV from LG will have to think twice before committing to a purchase. That is because the rolling-screen set is being priced at a jaw-dropping $60,000. The Korean electronics juggernaut is trying to allay fears that this steeply-priced novelty appliance will be too fragile for the price tag, by stating that the rolling-screen mechanism has been factory-tested for up to 50,000 rolls, both in and out of its base. The longevity of the protective storage system for the OLED screen is guaranteed to last between 3 to 64 years, depending on the frequency of users rolling the screen repeatedly.

Interestingly, even as this 2019-previewed LG rollable flat-screen TV is soon to arrive at the market this year, LG has introduced yet another little innovation for the 2020 iteration of the Consumer Electronics Showcase. Again, it features a roll-up OLED screen with UHD definition, only this time the set must be installed from the ceiling, similar to a white projector screen. For now however, the original floor-standing rollable TV is the star, especially considering the design won for LG the Korean Technology Awards’ Presidential Award accolade just this December 2019.

Image courtesy of Digital Trends


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