Sunday, January 5, 2020


These days, the foremost way for an individual to make his online presence and work towards becoming an internet sensation is no longer through boring written articles or even a series of uploaded still photos, but in being seen as oneself saying things and doing stuff as recorded on video. This is the time of the video blogger, or v-logger for short, and last week it was able to add a major Kapamilya star of the current generation among its ranks. Actress Kathryn Bernardo has decided on a major media streaming platform with which to effectively start her v-logging career.

As CNN Philippines reports, ABS-CBN talent Kathryn Bernardo has officially launched her very own Channel on YouTube last Friday, January 3. The channel will feature uploaded snippets of the actress that she is willing to share from her personal life and activities. An introductory video called “Everyday Kath” gave an airy, fantastical feel to Kathryn’s prospective v-logging platform, especially as she is dressed rather frilly in a gown. But as the video caption sums up rather nicely, despite her image of familiar approachability not many people know much about her. So Bernardo is changing that with her coming v-logging entries.

How the actress’ YouTube channel will be like was demonstrated with the first official v-log entry from Kathryn which was uploaded Sunday, January 5. Here Bernardo shares some spectacular imagery from the cold north, courtesy of her September trip to the European nation of Iceland accompanied by her boyfriend Daniel Padilla. “This country was in both of our bucketlists so we relished every second we spent here,” said Kathryn’s video caption. “We tried our best to film it in a way that would make you feel as if you were part of the trip, so we hope you enjoy watching!”

Serving as proof that there is a solid following and future for Kathryn Bernardo as a v-logger, no less than three hours after opening her official YouTube channel, her subscription count has already broken the 100,000 milestone. In the afternoon of Saturday, January 4, with only her intro video as the channel’s sole content, the Kapamilya star already commanded a healthy 262,000 subscribers. In addition to her already-established presence on Twitter and Instagram, all is set for Kathryn to further expand and cement herself as one of the leading social media celebrities of the country.

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News


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