Thursday, January 23, 2020

JULIA MONTES Comeback is Starring in Action-Drama TELE-SERYE "24/7" on "ABS-CBN"

Around the middle of last week, Kapamilya actress Julia Montes announced that she was heading back to showbiz work after taking a break for all of last year. Fans of the actress ever since her breakout role in the remake of “Mara Clara” in 2010-11 have been excited to find out what kind of role she will have next, as Julia has proven versatile in the transition from conventional drama, to the action-drama of “Asintado” in 2018. Montes followers who liked her there will love the news of what her first comeback project will be, something that might cement her as successor to Angel Locsin.
ABS-CBN News has it that the next tele-serye slated for Julia Montes is a new action-drama story that fans of American actor Kiefer Sutherland might find familiar. Yes, the upcoming tele-serye “24/7” has such striking similarities to the eight-season Fox espionage drama “24.” Even the digital-number display font used in the titles could almost be the same, barring the addition of a slash and 7, implying a longer in-universe time-period narrative compared to the iconic 24-hour timeframes of every “24” season. Could Julia be pushed as a Filipina Jack Bauer? She probably is not, technically.

One characteristic of this upcoming Kapamilya show that makes it distinct enough from “24” is probably the emphasis on a love story. As the promotional voiceover in the teaser put up by Dreamscape Entertainment on Instagram cannot stress enough, “24/7” will tell about a love that “never runs out, never gets tired, and never rests.” But before one thinks the production just mistakenly slapped a “24” aesthetic to a conventional drama, one needs to keep watching the IG teaser, because it is followed up by a spotlight on Montes’ preparation for this genuine action-drama role.

Following the teaser proper, more footage is shown of Julia Montes engaging in physical and weapons training for her upcoming part in “24/7.” Scenes are shown of her practicing Filipino arnis – both with rattan sticks and the bolo knife – as well as taking shots at a firing range. The latter is remarked on by Julia in a brief talking segment, as she was already a recreational pistol shooter and that training was the first time she had set foot inside a range in a while. This will be another feather in the cap for Dreamscape, which already has a proven track record for action-dramas like “Ang Probinsyano” and “The General’s Daughter.” There is no premiere date for “24/7” just yet.

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