Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Not all the biggest names in the Philippine motion picture industry are those of the stars in front of the camera. Many luminaries also spend their time behind the camera and the scenes entirely, from the filmmaker directors to the producers who make big-budget blockbusters happen. And among the best and well-known movie producers in the country is “Mother” Lily Monteverde, who is credited for producing no less than 300 films since the 1960s. Such has been her footprint in Philippine cinema that a biopic of her life has been planned, with Kapamilya actress Judy Ann Santos tapped to portray her. And she is fully aware of her role’s significance.

ABS-CBN News has it that Judy Ann Santos is already feeling the pressure in being as Mother Lily for a biographical movie of the now-aged 81 film producing legend of Philippine cinema. In an interview, the longtime Kapamilya star shared how tense she has become ever since she was tapped for the role, with the biopic to be directed by Erik Matti. "I'm super pressured and super tensed because she is Mother Lily and who doesn't know her?" She would know what she was talking about considering who chose her.

That would be Lily Monteverde herself, according to her biopic producer (and son) Dondon Monteverde, and director Matti. To prepare herself to take on the role of the founder driving force of iconic film studio Regal Entertainment, Juday has gone and spoken with many of the people who have worked with Mother Lily over the years. She also has an acting workshop scheduled for her to take on the ambitious film project. While Santos has been pleased to be considered for portraying Monteverde in her prime years, she also has expressed some small misgivings, asking herself why she was chosen.

The Mother Lily biopic, which does not have a title so far, is currently in development with filming still a ways off. Judy Ann Santos also has another movie project she is attached to this year. And of course, she has just recently finished work on the ABS-CBN urban fantasy tele-serye “Starla,” which is now on its final week on the network. Speaking of her time as part of the primary cast on “Starla,” Juday remarked that she was happy to be part of a TV production that was sure to have imparted good values for children watching weekday nights.

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