Wednesday, January 29, 2020

G-IDLE Announces “I-WORLD” Concert Tour with MANILA Stop on JUNE 13

Here is some news that would perk up the Philippines’ K-Pop fans as well as regular gamer-fans of Riot Games’ “DOTA” title “League of Legends.” Internet denizens would probably already make a connected between K-Pop and the popular battle arena online game, and they would actually be half right. Right in the middle of this year the K-Pop girl group (with a multinational membership) G-Idle is coming to the country for one concert as part of their 2020 world tour. Two members of that group will be familiar to “League” fans as the vocals for two members of the game’s very own virtual K-Pop band.
As ABS-CBN News tells it, G-Idle is set to kick off their “I-Land: Who Am I” world tour starting in April 2020. This was made loud and clear on their official social media accounts such as Twitter on Tuesday, January 28. The six-girl K-Pop group is under Cube Entertainment, and stormed into the scene two years ago with “Latata” on their debut EP “I Am.” The team is notable for being only half-South Korean (Miyeon, Soojin, and Soyeon), with the other half of their roster from overseas (Thai Minnie, mainland Chinese Yuqi and Taiwanese Shuhua).
But to players of “League of Legends” from Riot Games, they would probably focus primarily on Miyeon and Soyeon, as both provided some voice talent for K/DA, a virtual K-Pop girl quartet composed of alternate-costumed characters from the arena game, which rocketed into gaming and mainstream music popularity in 2018 thanks to their first and only song, the Korean-English “PopStars.” Miyeon sang the part of main vocalist and group leader Ahri, a nine-tailed fox-girl, while Soyeon voiced ninja rapper Akali. American singers Jaira Burns and Madison Beer rounded out the roster as backup vocals/dancer Kai’Sa and secondary vocalist Evelynn respectively.

G-Idle will hit Manila on June 13 as part of their “I-World: Who Am I” concert tour, however no venue, organizer partners or ticket details have been provided thus far.

Image courtesy of AllKpop


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