Wednesday, January 22, 2020


It has been the year 2020 for technically three whole weeks now and one thing remains for sure, that the world has still not had enough of the global K-Pop boy band sensation that is BTS. It helps a lot that the group has taken the time and effort to embark on world concert tours of their albums. Their “Love Yourself” tour that started August of 2018 and ended April 2019 saw them perform in 42 total stops around the world. With the impending release of their “Map of the Soul: 7” album in February, it was not long before another world tour was announced.

Entertainment Tonight has it that the K-Pop juggernaut that is BTS has sent their international fandom into frenzy this past Tuesday, January 21, with the announcement of a new “Map of the Soul” concert tour. With the album in question being released on February 21, it is a reasonable enough timetable that the boy band teased with the tour starting on April 11. The kicker for their hometown fans is that the first four concert stops will be in Seoul at Olympic Stadium, to bid South Korea goodbye for a time while they hit the global road for another round.

After Seoul, there will be “Map of the Soul” tour dates in the US (Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Jersey and Washington DC), Canada (Toronto) and back stateside to Chicago. This initial itinerary covers from April 11 to June 6. Afterwards there is a mystery stop from June 13-14 before hitting Fukuoka in Japan, London in the UK, Berlin in Germany, and Barcelona in Spain (June 28 to July 18). Then it is back to Japan (Osaka, Saitama and Tokyo) from July to September. A total of 37 dates were planned out.

That is rather short compared to BTS’ 42-stop “Love Yourself” tour. But there is no need for concern, because the K-Pop groups Big Hit Entertainment label promised that there are more locations being planned for hosting “Map of the Soul” concerts. Hopefully that plays out favorably for BTS fans in Asia outside of Japan and South Korea, since Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong were stops for “Love Yourself” in 2019. What are the chances that the Philippines will be visited on the “Map of the Soul” tour? It is a good thought, one that many surely want to come true.

Images: Metro UK and Soompi


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