Tuesday, January 14, 2020


While Sony Pictures continues to have its ties to Marvel via film rights to Spider-Man and his stable of related characters like Venom and Morbius (the latter to get a movie this coming July), it has also branched into other comic-book brands as well. Notably, they are producing via Columbia Pictures a film featuring a character from Valiant Comics, the label formed in 1989 by ex-Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter. Valiant recently inked a deal for movie adaptations of their characters with several studios like Sony. Their first, coming this year, stars Vin Diesel as “Bloodshot,” with a trailer newly released.

As Comic Book Resources tells it, a longer trailer is now available from Sony-Columbia Pictures and Original Film-Valiant Entertainment, featuring the Valiant Comics super-soldier character being portrayed by Vin Diesel. While the first “Bloodshot” trailer from two months ago delves into hints of the character’s origin story, this second preview gives a more in-depth look into his amazing superhuman abilities, rooted in the army of nano-machines injected into his blood. It definitely is not one of the mainline superhero concepts, but the visuals depicting Bloodshot’s tech-based power is certainly a feast of intricate special effects.

“Bloodshot” as already revealed is about an amnesiac soldier named Ray Garrison (Diesel). He awakes without memories in the care of a special covert-ops project, which explains that he had died in combat and revived with nanite technology that grants him superhuman physical abilities and a powerful healing factor that can rebuilt any damage to his body. While originally placed in a top-secret unit with other enhanced operatives, Bloodshot starts having unaccountable flashbacks and dreams. When his mission targets begin hinting to him that his handlers are not what they seem, Bloodshot starts reconsidering his priorities and his nature, becoming a super-weapon freed from control.

Under the direction of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” VFX supervisor Dave Wilson, from a script by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Eric Heisserer, “Bloodshot” was Sony’s initial entry to a planned shared universe film franchise for Valiant Comics. The sticking point to this concept was that the follow-up movie, based on the Valiant title “Harbinger,” has been shopped out to Paramount Pictures and put through a new period of development before production. The original verse plan was to have two “Bloodshot” movies and two “Harbinger” films alternating release with Sony, before having a crossover between the two properties. “Bloodshot” as it is now will premiere March 13, a month later from its original announced release date.

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