Wednesday, January 8, 2020

ANGKAS Assures NO RIDERS Operating In GENSAN CDO in Violation of Motorcycle Taxi TRIAL PERIOD

Perhaps back around 2018, pedestrians in GenSan may have noticed signs hanging around showing the image of a scooter. That was the logo of DBDOYC Inc., a Manila tech transportation operating delivery and ride-sharing service Angkas. The platform however got into trouble with government regulators, which lacked regulation regarding ride-sharing using motorcycles. Owing to safety concerns and business permit issues the LTFRB suspended Angkas operations, a decision overturned by the Mandaluyong RTC which in turn was overruled by a Supreme Court TRO. The Department of Transportation then proposed a pilot program allowing limited Angkas service in Metro Manila and Cebu, excluding previously-covered areas such as GenSan and Cagayan De Oro.

But in a report by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has alleged that motorcycle ride-sharing company Angkas may have violated the terms of the Department of Transportation’s pilot period for motorcycle-based ride services. A report from LTFRB board member Antonio Gardiola Jr. accuses Angkas of continuing its operations in CDO and General Santos, both of which have had active Angkas partner riders in the years prior to the court suspensions and the pilot program proposal. The LTFRB is threatening to blacklist Angkas for its alleged infraction.

Angkas however is denying that it has retained partner riders outside the designated areas of Manila and Cebu for the pilot run of motorcycle ride-hailers like them. In a press conference their Chief Transport Advocate George Royeca reiterated that only riders in the two major cities have been retained by the platform for motorcycle taxi runs. “We have complied, there are no operations in CDO and GenSan but we hope we could still run our delivery service since there’s really no restrictions on that,” Royeca said. “But then in the meantime, we are focused in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.” 

Back in June 2019, Congress decided to provide for a pilot period to evaluate the official legalization of motorcycle taxi ride-sharing. The trial period in Metro Manila and Cebu was to last six months, and end in late December last year. However the program was extended to run until March 23, 2020. Aside from Angkas, similar ride services such as JoyRide and Move It are participating in the pilot period. Royeca has expressed hope that their company and the LTFRB can work together to ensure that no rogue partners of the platform would end up violating the ongoing trial period.

Despite concerns for safety in transporting passengers by motorcycle, Angkas for its short time in GenSan has found a supporter in Mayor Ronnel Rivera. In his opinion, so long as the Angkas riders in the city have local business permits and can prove competence, they should be allowed to operate.

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