Thursday, December 19, 2019


Back in July, movie audiences in the Philippines were held in thrall to the dramatic story of two Overseas Filipino Workers who find love with each other in Hong Kong, only to be hampered by their conflicting familial interests. Star Cinema’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye” was also a big cinematic draw because its lead romantic tandem was formed from two stars hailing from rival television networks, them being Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. Such was the reception of the film with fans that ABS-CBN Books adapted the story into a novel with extra plot. Half a year after its premiere, the movie can still elicit emotions.

That was proven last week, as CNN Philippines would have it, when Star Cinemas decided to showcase certain elements of “Hello, Love, Goodbye” online that never quite made it to the final cut. Like any film, this production saw the trimming of certain scenes to streamline running time when screened in theaters. Last Friday, December 13, these various deleted footage were compiled into a single video that was uploaded to Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel. Many of these scenes shed further light on the personalities and dynamics of the leads with each other and the people around them in story.

One particular scene that stands out was an example of lost opportunities, for it featured Cantonese actress Pang Mei Sheung in a brief appearance Mrs. Chung, who comforts Joy (Bernardo) after she returns to her room at midnight after a long day of work. Pang’s character encourages Joy to rest up, despite the latter’s obsessing over her domestic helper job with which she is earning money for her family back in the Philippines. Mrs. Chung points out that Joy cannot afford to neglect her own self for the sake of work and money, emphasizing to Joy, “You love you, too.”

The struggle of Joy, who finds herself torn between making money in Hong Kong for her folks before returning home and deciding to stay with boyfriend Ethan (Alden Richards), a bartender who will soon be certified as a HK resident, and with his family already living with him there, forms the crux of the drama for Star Cinema’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye.” The film is now the all-time highest-grossing Filipino movie, having made P880.6 million in local and international box offices.

Image from ABS-CBN News


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