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The movie rights for iconic Marvel superhero character Spider-Man is a somewhat complicated issue. For the moment, the live-action Spider-Man usage is shared between Sony Pictures the rights-holders and Marvel Studios, allowing him to appear in the MCU film franchise. Meanwhile, Sony retains the rights to make animated Spider-Man movies and live-action films of other Marvel supporting characters closely linked to the wall-crawler. This condition allowed them to produce the likes of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” Best Animated Feature in the 91st Academy Awards, and “Venom” starring Tom Hardy, which made bank despite pale reviews. Sequels for both have been announced, and new info on the latter’s follow-up is known.

As Comic Book Resources tells it, Sony has begun to fill out the cast for “Venom 2,” the sequel to the 2018 spinoff featuring one of Spider-Man’s once-major enemy, and later-violent antihero from the original Marvel Comic books. The first movie was tapped to begin the “Sony Marvel Universe” side-franchise featuring Spidey-associated characters. With lead star Tom Hardy’s acting considered the bright spot in many negative reviews, Sony feels confident with pushing for the next installment. And a new character will be portrayed there by a cast member from Netflix’s hit Scorsese original, “The Irishman.”

British actor Stephen Graham, who played Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano in the critically-acclaimed Netflix original crime epic by Martin Scorsese, is joining the cast of “Venom 2” in a yet to be identified role. His past film portfolio includes “Gangs of New York” and “Rocketman.” He also has experience in SFX-heavy adventures such as two “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, “On Stranger Tides” and “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” He joins fellow new cast member Naomie Harris (Craig-era “James Bond”) whose character has been confirmed as super-villainess Shriek, lover of the sequel’s main bad guy.

Returning once again for “Venom 2” is lead star Tom Hardy as investigative reporter Eddie Brock, who becomes a bloodthirsty vigilante after bonding with a goo-like alien “symbiote” that turns him into Venom, a monstrous humanoid spider-like superhuman. He is joined by Michelle Williams as Brock’s former fiancée and ally Anne Weying. Also returning from his post-credits cameo in the original movie is Woody Harrelson, portraying the insane serial killer Cletus Cassidy, who will be the primary antagonist of the upcoming movie as host of the deadlier symbiote called Carnage. “Venom 2” is directed by Andy Serkis and will premiere next year on October 2020.

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