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When the first teaser for Capcom’s modernized remake of the 1998 PlayStation survival horror game “Resident Evil 2” was shown at E3 2018, attendees were hyped and hoped that the actual game would be just as creepy cool. The “RE2” remake was released back in January of this year, and it more than delivered with the tension, scares, and the relentless intelligent super-zombie pursuer nicknamed “Mister X” (which briefly re-popularized rapper DMX’s song “X Gon Give It to Ya”). Franchise fans wondered if Capcom will also remake the 1999 follow-up “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.” The question was answered this week.

PC Gamer tells us that the remake of “Resident Evil 3” by Capcom got its first trailer revealed on Wednesday, December 10, with a release date slated for the first half of next year. And just as the original version for the original PlayStation was designed from the build of the original “Resident Evil 2,” the remake of the third game will also take on the design and atmosphere of the “RE2” remake. Or rather, like its predecessor the “RE3” remake is also being developed using Capcom’s “RE Engine,” which was used for the 2017 installment “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.”

As with the classic game, the new “Resident Evil 3” follows former Raccoon City Police STARS operative Jill Valentine, one of the leads from the first “RE” game in 1996 (itself remade for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002). Two months after surviving the horrific incident at the Spencer Mansion, Jill is stuck in Raccoon City, impeded by the Umbrella Corporation from exposing their bio-weapons program. When an outbreak of Umbrella’s T-Virus starts transforming the population into zombies, Jill must try to escape with her life, but the appearance of a relentless pursuing super-zombie intent on killing all STARS agents complicates her plans and brings her deeper into Umbrella’s dark plots.

Capcom has been quite adept at keeping the secret of the “Resident Evil 3” remake up to this time, covering it up with info on another “RE” themed online multiplayer game called “Resident Evil: Resistance.” The reveal of “RE3” also clarifies that “Resistance” is part of the remake’s game package as an add-on. “Resistance” organizes five-player games of an asymmetrical 1-versus-4 format, where four zombie outbreak survivors must team up to survive the traps and infected creatures unleashed on them by the opposing fifth player.

“Resident Evil 3” the remake is coming out on April of 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There will also be a console-only collector’s edition, which has been confirmed only for North America by Capcom so far.

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