Wednesday, December 18, 2019


When it comes to achievements in song, there are certainly a lot already on the plate of Regine Velasquez, easily one of the biggest singing divas around in the Philippines. Be it local or international, she has either been nominated or won awards for her awesome voice and her great selection of songs, and her concert performances. One of her best awards records would be in the Aliw Awards, where she has been nominated 18 times in various categories and won 13 of them. One of these accolades from the Aliw Foundation is for Entertainer of the Year, which she last won back in 2009.
Indeed, it has been ten years since Regine Velasquez was given an Aliw Award for Entertainer of the Year, a feat she has done twice. That is until Tuesday this week according to ABS-CBN News. December 17 was the date of the 32nd Aliw Awards which began back in 1976. As if in reward for her quite recent return to the Kapamilya network last year, this would mark the third time Regine was nominated and declared the winner of the Entertainer of the Year Award. This triumph cements her prominent place in Philippine live entertainment.

But it was not simply enough for Velasquez to bring home the Aliw Awards’ highest honor. She also got nominated and won in one other category as well. That is the Best Collaboration in a Concert, which Regine was accorded in tandem with fellow ABS-CBN singing legend Sharon Cuneta. In fact, suffice to say that Kapamilya singers made bank in the 2019 Aliw Awards. Another twofer victory belongs to Lea Salonga who got the People’s Choice Award and the Best Actress in a Musical, the latter awarded for her role in a local production of “Sweeney Todd,” which has since moved on to Hong Kong.

Still, there is enough hype given for Regine Velasquez in being named Entertainer of the Year by the Aliw Awards after a decade-long gap. Her previous two awards in that category were given only two years apart, the first time in 2007 and the second, as already stated, in 2009. On social media, Regine considered her new accolade a highlight of her 30-year musical career.
Image: Kapamilya Craze (YouTube channel)


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