Thursday, December 5, 2019


At first glance it looked like the formation of a popular power couple. Pia Wurtzbach, the third Miss Universe titleholder from the Philippines, and Swiss-Filipino racecar driver Marlon Stockinger, first got to know each other on social media. From that initial contact the relationship developed until Stockinger confirmed it during the 2016 Star Magic Ball. But by 2017 there seemed to be trouble brewing. While that spot of tension did not last, it flared up again the following year, and a third time earlier this 2019. By year’s end however, sources close to the two revealed that Pia and Marlon already split anew in October, and there is no reconciliation.

The Philippine Star reports that the final curtain has fallen on the on-again, off-again romance between Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger. Insider sources revealed under request of privacy that the ultimate split between the two was born out of the former Miss Universe 2015 having “lost patience” with the racer, and that every time they have spent together following one of Pia’s overseas travels, they tend to get into arguments.  Such occurrences have been a far cry from how the two have been usually depicted on their social media photos.

And apparently they have split off back in October according to ABS-CBN News, as the sources claim to have heard from Rikka Infantado-Fernandez, Wurtzbach’s business manager. It was Infantado who described the relationship between her boss and Stockinger as having become on-and-off. On the other hand, the sources would neither confirm nor deny further allegations that Pia has been giving Marlon financial support due to his not actively raced competitively since 2016. All they could say was that Wurtzbach had been planning to call it quits “long ago,” but that her frequent travels outside the country have prevented her from cutting ties in person.

The longer time since their reported separation seems to lend credence to the assertion of Inquirer’s news sources that they are not interested in any reconciliation for their problems. And now Pia Wurtzbach has also broken her silence on the matter, particularly on the rumors that Marlon Stockinger was mooching from her. She tells Rappler, “"I wish him and his family well, and out of respect for them, let me make it clear – Marlon and his family never depended on me financially.” It is also known that all photos of the two together have been removed from Wurtzbach’s Instagram page.

Image courtesy of Manila Bulletin


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