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When Marvel Comics began expanding from its superhero comic-book publishing roots into an overall media company, it became Marvel Entertainment with specific divisions for production of other media, particularly since 1998. Marvel Television was formed in 2010 to oversee TV adaptations of Marvel properties. It came to prominence by developing television tie-ins to films from the MCU franchise of Marvel Studios such as “Agents of SHIELD,” and then for the Netflix collaborations that produced “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” among others. But with the beginning of TV-level productions by Marvel Studios for Disney+, Marvel Television has been sidelined until word came out that this division has been folded into Marvel Studios.

As The Hollywood Reporter tells it, Marvel Television has ceased being a distinct entity division of Marvel Entertainment after it was folded into Marvel Studios as of Tuesday, December 10. In fact, this started all the way back in October, when Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was appointed as the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel overall, giving him oversight on the creative direction of Marvel Comics, TV and animation, the film studio, and others. Marvel Television under Jeph Loeb was actually transferred to Marvel Studios’ control along with Marvel Animation during that period of time.

What this means is that no new TV productions will be created under the Marvel Television banner, although a number of already in-development programming, such as a variety of animated series for Hulu along with the live-action “Helstrom,” will proceed apace. There is however no guarantee that these content will actually be completed for streaming. Loeb himself, expected to step down as head of Marvel TV by Thanksgiving, would likely be exiting Marvel Entertainment entirely.

Originally just another division under Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios under Kevin Feige became a priority arm of the company with the success of the first MCU films. When Disney acquired the entirety of Marvel, they in 2015 spun off Marvel Studios into a distinct subsidiary under Walt Disney Studios, giving it greater autonomy in adapting Marvel characters to film apart from the rest of Marvel Entertainment. While Marvel Television tried to work in synergy with Studios in connecting certain shows to the MCU setting, creative differences eventually set them apart.

The folded units of Marvel Television now under Marvel Studios could be used to develop more TV adaptations that may not necessarily be exclusives for Disney+ streaming. In the meantime, the last still-running Marvel TV series are just about to finish their final seasons, namely Hulu’s “Runaways” with season 3 starting Friday, December 3, and ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD” which with season 7 this 2020.

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