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Back in 1994 Mariah Carey, singing diva and “Songbird Supreme” according to Guinness World Records, put out her first ever Holiday album in “Merry Christmas.” That album perhaps would be better known for the song that became its lead single, “All I Want for Christmas is You.” That song received rave music reviews, sold over 16 million single copies worldwide, and was a chart topper in many a Top ranking in multiple countries. Interestingly, this did not include the Billboard Hot 100 at the time of its release. But more incredibly, in December of this year, or a quarter century since its debut, the song finally reached that missed peak.

Billboard.com has confirmed that 1994’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey made history by making number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list for the first time since its release over 25 years ago. This was plotted on the Hot 100 chart listing this week (ending on Saturday, December 21). The Cary Christmas hit went to the Number 1 spot from its Number 3 rank the week before. Third place was also its highest ranking for all of the 2018 Holiday season, and “All I Want” only entered the Hot 100 Top 10 back in 2017.

Such an achievement for a literally decades-old Christmas single must come across as good news for Mariah herself, seeing as she recently came down with a brief bout of food poisoning as Entertainment Weekly tells it. Carey is however very happy about the wonderful song which was part of her 1994 Christmas album which she was initially dubious about, being planned so early in her singing career according to her opinion. With how well “All I Want” has been received around the world over the years, she is definitely happy with how things turned out.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” is now currently considered a standard yuletide carol, with The New Yorker describing it in 2010 as “one of the few worthy modern additions to the holiday canon.” Mariah Carey recalled instances where she was surprised by how well the song has been received, from British Royal Navy personnel having sung it to her from shipboard, to people in the Netherlands claiming that they listed to the single all year long. And while Mariah is unsure about labeling “All I Want” as her best song ever, she is sure that it carries a special place in her heart.

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