Thursday, December 12, 2019


There can be no question whatsoever that Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is a role model when it comes to making it big from the most humble beginnings. His story has been told many times, how he took up boxing to support his family, and how this career made him an international sports star for his achievement of eight world boxing championship divisions, which has never been equaled. Pacquiao is also famous as a modern Renaissance man with many activities from alternate sports, to music, and even politics. His accomplishments are notable for one who has not completed a college education.
But that shortcoming changed this week. ABS-CBN News reports that Manny Pacquiao has just graduated this week from the University of Makati with a bachelor’s degree. The new broke when Pacquiao himself shared several photos of the occasion on his social media accounts. They showcase him walking up the aisle flanked by his fellow graduates, making a speech, showing his diploma and finally being accompanied by his family. Pacquiao graduated with a BA degree in Political Science and a Major in Local Government Administration. This new educational credential goes hand in hand with his current position as a Philippine Senator.
In an interview, the newly-minted Pol-Sci graduate expressed his excitement at showing his diploma, which he calls a “reminder of God’s faithfulness,” to the rest of his family who could not be present for his commencement, namely his parents and siblings. In a later statement, also mentioned on his Twitter page, Pacquiao referred to his fans saying, "There is one thing that I always want them to remember, 'NEVER EVER GIVE UP'… It is never too late to dream bigger dreams. It is never too late to accomplish your dreams."
While he only got his political science degree recently, Manny Pacquiao already has racked up some hands-on experience in local governance himself. He was elected Congressman of Sarangani Province in 2010 (following a failed House bid in 2007), before getting elected into national office as a Senator as of 2016. But he will always be known as a boxer first, with his matches always drawing strong crowds and pay-per-view audiences. And he has not stopped fighting, with his 2016 retirement not even seeing the end of the year. ESPN opines that Pacquiao’s next match could be in March or April of 2020 in the US.
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