Thursday, December 12, 2019


Last week, ABS-CBN released its first teaser for one of their new tele-seryes coming next year. This is “Make It with You,” and will star the utterly adorable “LizQuen” pairing of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. The teaser included neat story details such as how it will primarily start abroad with the lead couple’s characters first meeting in Croatia. From that encounter would bloom, as expected, a nice love story that TV audiences will surely keep tabs on every weekday. Soberano and Gil recently went before reporters to promote the new soap, and they could not help but share some juicy secrets about each other.

As has it, during an ABS-CBN media gathering to hype their “Make It with You” project, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were asked about kissing scenes in the series. This query was picked up by “Make It with You” head-writer Mark Angos, who noted that as their shooting schedule was currently on the second-week broadcast episodes, the two have not actually progressed their characters to that point. But he promised that LizQuen will eventually get very intimate in their roles, notably when the storyline reaches Week 10, though they do not know yet how.

At this point Liza and Enrique began sharing behind-the-scenes stories of how both of them prepare for kissing scenes. She reveals that Gil makes a point of using mouthwash before shooting such scenes, but only with other actresses like Bea Alonzo in “She’s the One.” When doing kissing scenes with Soberano however, Enrique is not guaranteed to gargle. In last year’s “Alone/Together,” the two kissed for a scene shortly after eating snacks, with both of them gamely comparing which of their mouths had a worse smell at the time (Liza ate tuna, Enrique had street food). She does frame that fact as Gil being already comfortable with her that he would not act too fastidious.

The talk then moved to who might be the better kisser in the LizQuen pairing. Both Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil would claim to be the one. Liza describes herself as being more comfortable with kissing scenes due to framing it as only work, a sentiment Quen agrees with even though he says he kisses better. To this, Liza fires back by describing her on-and-off-screen beau’s kissing ability as like a “2nd Grader.” Then again, she also cryptically reveals that a bed prop they used in one Croatian scene in “Make It with You” broke due to Gil “getting excited,” but she did not elaborate.

“Make It with You” premieres early 2020 on ABS-CBN. Liza sums it as “another amazing love story. I hope they will follow the journey of our characters Billy and Gabo, as young Filipinos searching for themselves abroad. The audience will learn a lot.” She and Enrique add that this tele-serye is a must-watch for LizQuen fans excited to see them portray older and mature characters.

Image from ABS-CBN News


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