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While franchise-wise it only boasts three completed movies, two completed animated series and a plethora of videogames, the “Ghostbusters” property created by Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd for Columbia Pictures (now under Sony alongside exclusive production company Ghost Corps) maintains its strong grip on the fandom. Not even the divisively disastrous release of the 2016 cinematic reboot with an all-female lead cast could dampen anticipation for what might come next. The “Ghostbusters 2020” project by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan the director of the original two films, has been the latest subject of interest for franchise fans. But that was not the official title, as the latest reveal points out.

Comic Book Resources tells us that the in-production fourth “Ghostbusters” film, which was suffixed with its planned release year when first announced, finally received its true title upon the advance notice of a preliminary trailer with film authorities in the UK. According to information given to the British Board of Film Classification, the first trailer for this movie, clocking 2 minutes and 48 seconds, has been rated for an “age 12 and up” audience by UK screening standards. The title will also be “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.”

This is welcome news for fans of the quirky supernatural movie franchise, with the knowledge that “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” actually finished its principal photography only last month. Director Jason Reitman is also writing the story with Gil Kenan, with a plot alleged to connect directly with the first two “Ghostbusters” films by Ivan Reitman, if taking place several real-time decades after the second movie which premiered in 1989. The “Afterlife” tagline for this installment was hinted at as early as in October, from an entertainment news website from Italy. Although the British film board also follows up on that, neither the production crew nor Sony has offered official confirmation for it.

It is already known that most of the remaining principal cast of the original “Ghostbusters” films will reprise their original roles for “Afterlife,” even if no longer in top billing. Bill “Peter” Murray, Dan “Ray” Ackroyd, Ernie “Winston” Hudson, Annie “Janine” Potts and Sigourney “Dana” Weaver are all slated to return, with only the retired Rick Moranitz and the late Harold Ramis (d.2014) not returning. The new lead cast is comprised of McKenna Grace (“Annabelle Comes Home”), Finn Wolfhard (“Stranger Things”), Carrie Coon (“Fargo”) and Paul Rudd (MCU’s “Ant-Man”). “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” will premiere July 2020.

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