Friday, November 22, 2019

TESLA Reveals CYBERTRUCK Pickup Truck; ARRIVING 2021, Target of JOKES Now

It might be said that hallmark of Tesla is the designing and manufacture of electric-powered vehicles that look and drive like one might expect of the future. Their Model X SUV and Models S and 3 sedans have been among the most prominent e-vehicles in the market today, especially the Model 3 which is supposed to make such cars reasonably affordable. Tesla’s research on auto-piloting systems has also been of great interest in spite of some major hiccups. But the company and its CEO Elon Musk have other irons in the fire, such as an electric-powered pickup truck. This Thursday night, the “Cybertruck” was unveiled.

The Verge tells us that the Tesla Cybertruck was finally introduced to the public at an event in Los Angeles the evening of November 21. And it was everything, or almost everything, Elon Musk said it would be and more. The design of the Cybertruck was described by Tesla’s CEO as being futuristic to the point that it may not look out of place in the seminal sci-fi movie “Blade Runner.” From the sharp angular lines of the pickup cab towards the rear, it cut a striking figure to the audience. And its specs are nothing to sneeze at either.

Musk noted that the Cybertruck will be released in three models, but all will have 250kW+ supercharge, Adaptive Air Suspension, Autopilot, 3,500-lbs payload capacity and 120/220V AC outlets. The basic model is Single-Motor RWD with a 250+ mile range, 110 mph top speed and 7,500-lbs towing capacity. Next up is the Dual-Motor AWD, offering 300+ miles, 120 mph top speed and 10,000-lbs of tow. Lastly, the Tri-Motor AWD has over 500 miles of range, 130 mph top speed and a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. The price ranges from $39,900 for the Single-Motor to about $69,900 for the Tri-motor version.

And apparently the Tesla Cybertruck is about as tough as its sleek tank-like silhouette might imply. Elon Musk had the floor model subjected to the sledgehammer test. Unfortunately the supposedly bulletproof glass was found wanting by a thrown metal ball, though Musk insists it will be fixed. The upcoming vehicle can sit six adults max, has 4-inch suspension and a 17-inch touchscreen in the (so far not finalized) interior. Tesla expects to make the Cybertruck initially available by 2021, though preorders are now up, while the Tri-Motor model will not arrive until in late 2022.
Of course, the somewhat retro-futuristic styling of the Cybertruck has made it a new trending topic on social media, usually of jokes at its expense. In addition, its 2021 release date means other manufacturers might actually get their own e-pickup trucks on the market earlier.

Image courtesy of Forbes


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