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How does a 1990s burlesque troupe achieve mainstream media success, be reconfigured into a girl group dance ensemble, stake a spot on the music charts with some memorably hot singles, and be remembered as music icons despite parting ways a decade ago? This has been the story of the Pussycat Dolls, who gave the world such awesome dance tunes such as “Don’t Cha” and “Jai Ho! (You are My Destiny).” For fans who have been hearing rumors of a Pussycat Dolls reunion this year, their prayers are confirmed answered when it was revealed that the girl group will perform this coming weekend in the UK.

As CNN tells it, the Pussycat Dolls are indeed getting back together for a one-off gig. But rather than a concert of their own they will be featured instead in “X-Factor” Celebrity,” the currently-airing special edition of the UK’s “X-Factor” competition with celebrity contestants. This was revealed Monday, November 25, by “X-Factor” judge Louis Walsh, and will happen on the show’s season finale to be broadcast this coming Saturday, November 30 on British free-to-air network ITV. Walsh was a guest on ITV’s talk show “Lorraine,” where he dropped the bombshell.

"The Pussycat Dolls are the guest," declared Walsh. "There's an exclusive for you!" Such a reunion for the group is made possible by the simple fact that his fellow judge, Nicole Scherzinger, had been the lead vocalist of the Dolls. It is well known that the Pussycat Dolls were hobbled in spite of their commercial triumphs due to conflict in the group dynamics. Scherzinger is popularly considered to have been the focal point in their eventual breakup, due to resentment of the increasing focus on her to the point that the other members have been relegated to subordinate roles. Hints of these could be seen in the “Jai Ho!” music video, where Scherzinger sang all lines while the rest only joined in the dance sequences.

But a decade seems to have been enough to finally mend any rifts between Scherzinger and her fellow Pussycats Ashley Roberts, Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt and Melody Thornton. After all, The Daily Mail reports that Scherzinger spearheaded the reunion plans as a capstone for “X-Factor: Celebrity” after producers proposed the idea to her. Aside from this featured performance at the reality talent competition’s finale, rumor has it that the group has been working on some new material, though whether it is a single or album remains yet unknown.

“X-Factor: Celebrity” is the first celebrity edition of the original British version of “X-Factor,” premiering on ITV last October 12 and airing eight for Saturdays including this coming weekend’s finale.

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