Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Protective BATTERY CASES for APPLE iPHONE 11 Models Feature Dedicated CAMERA BUTTON

Last September, Apple loosed the arrow that was their latest iteration of the now-indispensable (for Apple users at least) iPhone line. Both the iPhone 11 and the cool 3-rear-cam iPhone 11 Pro have gotten off to positive receptions, with their variety of upgraded features including, naturally, more long-lasting batteries. But if that is still not enough phone life then Apple’s official accessories for the latest iPhones include a protective case with added battery capacity, and wireless charging capability. The variants for iPhone 11 Pro, and Max however, also include a new gimmick that might be just the ticket for camera-users.

According to The Verge, the battery cases for the iPhone 11 series come with a dedicated button to work the phone’s camera, without having to go through the trouble of unlocking it or even swiping at the screen as with some other smartphones. The physical button is on the “right” side of the new Apple battery case (if the iPhone screen is facing the user). One tap activates the camera, and holding down the new button would record video via the QuickTake feature of the 11’s. The camera button’s location is also dynamic, comfortably reachable especially when the phone is turned horizontally for landscape shots.

The dedicated camera button on the iPhone 11-compatible battery cases seems to be Apple’s take on the new functionality of the latest Android-using smartphones, which typically quick-launches their cameras by double-clicking the physical power button. The fact that the camera button is integrated into an accessory that needs to be bought is also a plus for Apple profits. Speaking of which, the new battery cases look somewhat like the ones for iPhone 10 (but with redesigned camera holes for the multi-lens setup. The cases, regardless of which iPhone 11 model one gets, are all uniformly priced at $129 as well.

In addition, the case-integrated batteries themselves are pretty beefy in themselves. The iPhone 11, Pro and Max have lengthy battery lives as is the natural progression, but the case batteries are said to offer “50 percent more” extra charge. These cases would therefore make a worthy purchase for current-iPhone users who might be working in locations that are not in easy reach of a charger. And again, the wireless charging capability for the battery cases are a certain plus point. Online commentary is of the opinion that the placement of the battery-case camera button might be a test towards integrating such a button for cam-work on the next Apple iPhone, which is a nice theory.

Image from Hypebeast


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