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One of the cast members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Disney’s Marvel Studios that got a major push in star power thanks to his participation has got to be British actor Tom Hiddleston. Since appearing in 2011’s “Thor” as the antagonist trickster god Loki, he has been a darling to fans of the superhero film genre, with a popularity to match any of the heroic characters on the Avengers. Hiddleston also has a solid theatrical career, and it was initially about his Broadway run of the play “Betrayal” that led to his guesting on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” But of course, Marvel and Loki get discussed too.

Entertainment Weekly tells us that Tom Hiddleston had quite the evening this week when he showed up on “The Tonight Show” at NBC. Host Jimmy Fallon started off with a short discussion with the actor about “Betrayal,” the British play that he is starring in on a transatlantic run from West End’s Harold Pinter Theatre to Broadway, where it is wrapping up in two weeks. Of course, the favorite topic where Hiddleston is concerned is his role as Loki in the MCU, and he shared a secret regarding his casting for the first “Thor” movie.

To be plain, as Tom explains, Marvel Studios was focusing on “less-established” actors to take up the mighty hammer of Thor, to avoid past-role recall with the audience. And that is the thing: Hiddleston auditioned for a shot at playing Thor, not Loki. Fallon then sprung the surprise that Marvel Studios entrusted them with a copy of Tom’s audition footage. Said video, lasting only a few seconds, showed a blonde-haired Hiddleston wielding a prop Mjolnir while making a loud declaration, before dashing to the screen in emulation of Thor “flying” with aid from his hammer.

Tom Hiddleston also dropped a few words regarding how big his Marvel character has become, to the point that he became the lead star for an upcoming original MCU-set web series called “Loki,” which will stream exclusively on Disney+ sometime in 2021. Talk eventually returned to “Betrayal,” where Hiddleston briefly outlined the plot of a businessman cuckolded by his wife with their best man. The actor noted that he cried as part of his role in the over 200 performances of the play on Broadway, and even demonstrated to Jimmy Fallon how he could make tears come out at will.

The “Loki” Disney+ film will follow from the alternate timeline divergence from “Avengers: Endgame” where the trickster god escapes with the Tesseract/Space Infinity Stone following the events of the first “Avengers” movie set in 2012. Hiddleston will also voice Loki in an episode of the Disney+ animated web series “What If?” featuring alternate diverged MCU storylines also premiering in 2021.

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