Monday, November 25, 2019

GOO HARA: K-POP Idol, KARA Group Member, Actress Found DEAD

The death of a famous person always has the potential to generate media attention. Said attention could intensify also based on further information regarding details of how that person passed. Just this Sunday, there was the grisly discovery of a K-Pop star that had once been part of the Hara girl group, and then branched out to be a popular actress and show host on TV. Unfortunately the ensuing complications of her personal life, exacerbated by troubles with her talent agency, have spurred Goo Hara to attempt to take her own life earlier this year. While she was thwarted then, now she was found dead.

Variety reports that South Korean celebrity Goo Hara was discovered lifeless at her Gangnam, Seoul residence just this November 24. She was just 28 years old. Police who responded at the scene have yet to determine a cause of Goo’s passing, and no official report on the incident has been made public. But one needs only to look back last May to have an idea on the Korean star’s fate. Said incident had laid bare again the extent of the harsh environment showbiz personalities in that country are working in.
Earlier this year, Goo made headlines when she was found unconscious at home and taken to hospital not long after leaving a worrying post on Instagram that read, “Goodbye.” It was confirmed that she had attempted to take her life. This was sometime after a disgruntled former boyfriend assaulted Goo at home with threats of blackmail involving a sex video recorded of her, followed by her agency cutting her loose. Upon recovery she deleted her message and issued an apology to her fans. But her episode has cast a spotlight on grueling expectations placed by talent companies on K-Pop idols and K-drama stars. It is known that Goo was friends with fellow singer-actress Silli, who herself committed suicide in October.

Goo Hara rocketed into fame upon joining the K-Pop girl group Kara in 2008. Not even a year later she got her first TV casting gig in a South Korean reality show. By 2011 Goo would showcase her acting chops as part of SBS’ action-drama series “City Hunter,” a loose adaptation of the Japanese manga and anime. She would strike out on her own as a solo artist in 2015, and was establishing herself well in the television scene. Unfortunately personal problems coupled with unsupportive agencies may have led Goo to her demise this week.

The police noted that no autopsy was done at the request of Goo’s family. A private funeral for relatives and friends was arranged, but November 26 and 27 have been set aside for mourning fans.

Image courtesy of NBC News


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