Thursday, November 21, 2019

FLOWER is Latest to Unmask in “MASKED SINGER” Season 2

It has been seven weeks since the second season of new popular reality singing competition “The Masked Singer” premiered on Fox. In that time, the starting number of 16 masked and costumed contestants has been steadily whittled down, with two weeks having featured double eliminations of masked singers. On week seven, which aired on Fox this November 20, four contestants went head to head with another imminent elimination, with only one of that batch having a less than perfect performance record in Leopard (lost to Black Widow in Week 2 and beat Panda in the Smackdown). But it would not be Leopard who gets unmasked.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that on this latest episode of “The Masked Singer,” a blossom ultimately wilts before a dog and a big cat. By that we mean contestant Flower ended up being eliminated from the competition this Wednesday evening. The initial setup of performers were the unbeaten Flamingo against one-time risker Leopard, while Flower and Rottweiler would duke it out in a “somebody’s 0 has got to go” match. Clues offered by the contestants this time included the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal (Flamingo), baseball bat and Australian flag (Leopard), disco ball and perfumes (Flower), and a “platinum” grill and yoga mat (Rottweiler).

With regards to songs, Flamingo went with “Lady Marmalade,” which was praised by panelist Robin Thicke and further fueled suspicion of her identity as Fantasia or Adrian Bailon. Leopard countered with Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September,” with repeated panel guesses of Ru Paul or Jamie Foxx. The ensuing panel-audience vote gave Leopard his second risk status, pitting him against the loser of the second portion. Flower covered “Alone” by Heart while Rottweiler belted Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” to finish things off. The combined vote went to Rottweiler, leaving Flower to face Leopard on the Smackdown stage.

With their secret identities on the line, Flower went with Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” while Leopard channeled the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t’Cha” to panelist (and former PSD member) Nicole Scherzinger’s surprise. Ultimately that was enough to save Leopard after two performances at risk, leaving Flower to unmask herself. During her number versus Rottweiler, the panelists noted Flower’s backup dancers playing patty-cake in their routine, leading to their unshakeable deduction that she was singer Patti LaBelle. The guess came out right in the end, in what can be considered an anticlimactic conclusion to a “Masked Singer” episode. But the panel agreed on strong performances that night.

 “The Masked Singer” season 2 airs Wednesday evenings on Fox. Only seven singers remain anonymous.

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