Sunday, November 24, 2019


There can be no question in the minds of Filipino music fans with regards to the place of rock band Eraserheads in the history of OPM: they are absolute legends. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the band’s grip on the country’s musical library is their 1993 debut album, the immortally-titled “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” which features some of their most famous songs. As part of the album’s silver anniversary, there was to be a limited-run vinyl print of “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” records in 2018, though the special event was grossly delayed by technical problems, only announced in October to happen at last this week.

Eraserheads front-man Ely Buendia had remarked last month, during the reveal of the album’s vinyl reissue this past Sunday that they were concerned about lack of interest in buying records of “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” due to the long-ago phasing out of record-playing turntables. As ABS-CBN News points out however, the band need not have worried. As it turned out, fans of the Eraserheads were only too eager to get a copy of the 25th anniversary vinyl that they have resorted to the time-honored tradition of camping out at Eastwood Central Plaza, Quezon City to wait for the items to come on sale.

When November 24 arrived, there was said to already be 10 people minimum lined up at Eastwood Central Plaza Mall. According to security personnel, that number would balloon to anywhere from 800 to a thousand eager fans by around 11 in the morning. That was to be expected on account of the limitations: the “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” record release there will only have 2,500 copies total, all of them available onpreorder for P2,999 apiece at first, though eventually the tag also skyrocketed to P3,360, and there was a strict one-copy-per-buyer rule.

While the prospective buyers of the Eraserheads’ vinyl reissue were waiting at Eastwood Central, there was also a clothing stall selling shirts printed with the album cover of “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” Furthermore, several music acts would also perform for the fans on a makeshift stage in the mall. Among the performers is the band Nobody’s Home, the vocalist of which, Eon Buendia, was the son of Ely Buendia himself. For all intents and purposes it was a wonderful tribute to Eraserheads and their first big album, even if the anniversary reissue was delayed while the band located the analog master tapes and had the pressings done overseas.

“Ultraelectromagneticpop!” included memorable Eraserheads tunes such as “Tindahan ni Aling Nena,” “Ligaya,” and “Pare Ko.”

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