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Parents and children from 2013 would remember vividly the genesis of a pop-culture phenomenon stemming from what had been just one Disney animated film. But that movie was “Frozen,” and by the power of its memorable cast of characters and one catchy ear-worm of a song in “Let It Go,” it became in itself a pillar of marketing for the House of Mouse, getting two follow-up animated shorts (one a Christmas special) and a sequel, “Frozen II” which premiered last Friday in the US. For its first weekend, the film looks to be gunning for the $1-million Disney movie club.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that “Frozen II,” which reunites the cast and crew of the 2013 animated blockbuster for a new and more thrilling magical adventure, has certainly worked its movie magic on its opening weekend. From the US box office alone it has garnered $130 million, while the international take, from 37 countries, nearly doubles that for $228.2 million. Combined, “Frozen II” has already earned $358.2 million for Disney, making for a solid foundation for which the film can start the race to a billion dollars in tickets. It is the new top global premiere for animated films.

Not only has the sequel made more money on its first days in the cinema than its predecessor, “Frozen II” has also done a great deal to put the November box office in general back on an even keel. Overhyped but underperforming films such as “Doctor Sleep” and well-established reboot/sequel “Terminator: Dark Fate” ended up seeing ticket sales fall into a 27-percent slump. The arguably most powerful Disney Princess/Queen and her sister are set to lead a new batch of blockbusters in reinvigorating moviegoer attendance for this week of Thanksgiving.

It is certainly in the overseas cinemas that “Frozen II” made the best impact, with how it has topped the best animated film openings in several countries it has already been released in. China, as expected, gave a massive share of the international box office with $53 million. Other all-time top grossing premieres for “Frozen II” happened in Japan ($18.2 million), UK ($17.8 million), Germany ($14.9 million), France ($13.4 million), and Spain ($5.8 million). In South Korea, the Disney animated film’s $31.5 million take is counted as the third-highest all-time opening weekend of any movie. It is a particularly successful start for “Frozen II” despite critic reviews rating it slightly lower than the 2013 original.

“Frozen II” stars Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, with music from Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, under the direction of Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. The film is still now showing.

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