Wednesday, November 27, 2019

DISNEY+ Updating with “CONTINUE WATCHING” Section, Like Other STREAMING Platforms

It has been over two weeks since it launched, but subscribers are yet to come down from the high that is the expansive online media library of Disney+, the hot new video streaming-on-demand service being offered since November 12 by the juggernaut House of Mouse. Viewers and binge-watchers are lapping up the various offerings despite the series of issues that made the platform’s launch a slightly troubled one. From complaints about the aspect ratio for earlier seasons of “The Simpsons,” to having episodes either missing or arranged out of order. Then there is the lack of a certain playback feature that other streaming services have.

But that will not be a problem soon according to The Verge. Disney+ is preparing an update to its library interface to include the “Continue Watching” media list. One of the most welcome additions to video streaming platforms, “Continue Watching” features a list of recent media a viewer has seen but not watched to completion. Selecting any of these videos from that section will then resume playing the media where it left off, but usually only if the viewer was a logged-in subscriber so that the service can keep tabs of what he has viewed.

The initial lack of a Continue Watching option has been especially problematic with the Disney+ platform interface, considering that the media search engine has given some weird results returns (such as listing James Cameron’s “Avatar” as a result when searching for “Basketball” (and the film does have a 12-second scene featuring the game; that is it). Now if a subscriber has at least started watching a film or show episode, they are now neatly grouped in the new section, along with indicator bands to show how much of the media remains unwatched. Even better, the “Continue Watching” section update, which will take place over the next week, is server-side, meaning Disney+ apps need no updating.

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