Thursday, November 28, 2019

DC UNIVERSE Series “HARLEY QUINN” Show-Runners Talk About Lead Character

Not all comic-book super characters originate from the books themselves. Sometimes when comic-book superheroes get adapted into film or TV they might introduce new characters that become so popular, they get written into the comic-book settings themselves. One magnificent example of this is DC Comics’ Harley Quinn. Originally the Joker’s female henchman in the 1993 “Batman” animated series, she has since been established in the comics themselves, eventually becoming a standalone antiheroic figure and one of DC’s top-selling titles. In fact, her own animated series will be premiering on VOD service DC Universe this Friday.

According to Comic Book Resources “Harley Quinn” is all set to become available for streaming on DC Universe this November 29. The general gist of the mature-rated animated series is sort of similar to the title character’s own evolution in DC Comics after migrating from animation: she splits up with Joker and starts making her own way in the world of the costumed criminal underground, hoping to win membership into the Legion of Doom. The show-runners, Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern, have shared in interview with CBR why they believe Harley Quinn became as big a comic-book franchise as is.

Halpern opines that people are drawn to Harley’s lack of impulse control, noting that while other people do not think they could live without restraints over their whims, they do enjoy another – fictional – character behaving without restrictions. Nevertheless, Schumacker adds that the character remains likeable due to her having a heart of gold under her crooked experiences and still maintaining a moral code despite allowing herself to be carried away by her insanity. "I think she's a character who has a lot of contradictions, interesting contradictions, and that makes her complex and interesting and she's fallible, and I think people really appreciate that," adds Schumacker.

While the creators of “Harley Quinn” on DC Universe are eager to explore more facets of the breakout character, they also believe that the initial 13 episodes for the show will not suffice to cover them all. One element Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker feel must be held for a possible second season is Harley’s relationship with fellow Batman villainess Poison Ivy. While originating in the animated series and depicted as simply a close friendship, further story treatments in DC Comics have led to the two getting into an intimate relationship that keeps Harley away from the abusive Joker. "In the first season, we sort of stay away from too much of her being romantically involved in anything," says Halpern.

Kaley Cuoco voices “Harley Quinn” while Lake Bell is Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy alongside a voice cast including Alan Tudyk, Diedrich Bader and more in the hot new animated web series coming Friday to DC Universe.

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