Wednesday, November 27, 2019

“DARNA” Casting and Script Almost FINISHED, Says JANE DE LEON

Small steps, even when small, will eventually reach the goal. That has been the attitude with which ABS-CBN Films and Star Cinema have been going through to prepare for the full-bore production on the long-awaited new film adaptation of Filipino super-heroine “Darna.” Said film, under the direction of Jerrold Tarog (“Heneral Luna”) would star Jane De Leon in the title role, following a succession of casting turnovers on account of injury to her predecessors. De Leon has embarked on her physical training as Darna while the rest of the cast is filled out. And this week, she has announced that the casting is nearly done.

ABS-CBN News reports that both the film cast and script for ABS-CBN’s upcoming “Darna” movie are close to completion. This was shared by the star of the project, Jane De Leon, while being interviewed by MJ Felipe on Tuesday, Novemer 26. With that, the actress opines that all systems are go for starting the actual filming period sometime in early 2020, at ABS-CBN’s recently-opened Horizon sound stage facilities located at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

But in the meantime, De Leon is continuing her physical conditioning to achieve the desired athletic build and muscle weight she would need to portray the attractively Amazonian Darna. While game to follow her routine through, she was frank about describing the level of difficulty in her exercises. “It’s very hard!” she tells Felipe. “I expected it to be hard, but it was harder still.” And hand in hand with her physical preparation, Jane remarks that she is also mentally psyching herself up due to the expected pressure she would eventually experience when fitting into Darna’s familiar red bikini-cut costume.

“Mentally, there’s a lot of pressure, because of course, everyone [has] expectations of me,” remarks Jane De Leon, who also expressed gratitude to her family for being supportive. Other pillars of inspiration for her in the role of “Darna” include director Jerrold Tarog who according to Jane has given her both assurance and motivation. Even Liza Soberano, who would have been Darna if not for her finger injury and surgery, have De Leon some advice in dealing with public pressure regarding her role, mainly to stay positive and not dwell on negative comments which are prevalent in the film industry.

No official release date for “Darna” has been provided by ABS-CBN Films and Star Cinema.

Image courtesy of Esquire Philippines


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