Friday, November 29, 2019

COMCAST XFINITY Internet Revisits “E.T” With Original Lead in HOLIDAY COMMERCIAL

The trend for some major tech and telecommunications providers during the holidays lately has been to dip into the nostalgia well by creating ads referencing some pretty classic movies. Last year, Google melded their Google Assistant tech with the 1990 now-classic 20th Century Fox holiday film “Home Alone,” reimagining the events of the movie with Kevin (reprised by actor Macaulay Culkin) now having access to smart speakers to run the house. This 2019, Comcast’s cable, internet and wireless arm Xfinity is taking a page from the above playbook, advertising their services while referencing an even more immortalized Christmas film: “E.T.” has it that a sweet Christmas commercial was put out by Comcast – Xfinity that serves as a sort of distant sequel to “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” the 1982 sci-fi classic from Universal Pictures (also a Comcast subsidiary) directed by Steven Spielberg. Entitled “A Holiday Reunion,” the ad also features one returning (live-action) cast member from the original movie, Henry Thomas who played Elliot, the boy that befriended the lovable alien E.T., returning in his classic animatronic form. Set 37 years after the film, it sees E.T. returning to Earth and meeting a now-adult Elliot to spend time with his family.

Clocking at a total of 4 minutes, the commercial begins with Elliot’s children noticing a light in the woods outside their home on Christmas Eve. Accompanied by their parents, they find E.T., who Elliot easily recognizes, hiding behind the backyard snowman. The lovable alien then hangs out with the family, who introduce him to Earthly tech advances while he was away: internet, streaming TV and virtual reality among others, all powered by Comcast Xfinity. E.T. then confides to Elliot that he has his own family now back “home.” Early the following day, Elliot and his family take E.T. back to the woods where his spaceship returns to pick him up.

As to be expected, the commercial takes iconic beats from the original “E.T.” film, such as the alien levitating the bicycles of Elliot’s kids (homage to his own 1982 flight which is now the logo of Amblin), and E.T. pointing his glowing finger to people’s hearts as a sign of affection. Naturally, the ad is tied together by the memorable music score of John Williams. With Comcast Xfinity’s “A Holiday Reunion” out now for viewing, one cannot help but wonder which company and what olden Holiday fare will do this same seasonal commercial treat next.

Image courtesy of CNN


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