Thursday, October 3, 2019

TRAILER Out for ROOSTER TEETH Hit Series “RWBY” Season 7

With regards to streaming animated web series, there are none perhaps that elicit so much fandom excitement these days as Rooster Teeth’s anime-inspired urban fantasy adventure “RWBY.” From seasons of short adventure snippets the creation of the late Monty Oum has grown into a lengthy-episode series and general franchise, with a devoted base of followers around the world. It has also, through scheduling, become something else to look forward to during the Holidays. Just as it had been since Volume 3 (2015-16) until 6 (2018-19) Season 7 is getting ready to hit the Rooster Teeth site and YouTube, with its first trailer dropping this week.

Comic Book Resources tells us that Rooster Teeth has released their preview of “RWBY” season 7 on Thursday, October 3, ahead of the official release next month. The cliffhanger of season 6 all the way back in January has kept followers of the web show on tenterhooks with anticipation for what happens next, as the four Huntresses of Team RWBY barrel into a possible confrontation with Salem, Queen of the monstrous human-slaying Grimm. The trailer also serves to depict the gradual character evolution of the four protagonists, vividly demonstrated with their new outfit ensembles.

As season 6 segues into 7 according to the trailer, Team RWBY and their allies Lie Ren, Jaune Arc and Qrow, make their approach to the military state of Atlas with a massive invasion of Grimm at their heels. Atlesian General Ironwood is as much adrift with the heroines in how to stop this threat, particularly their leader Salem, who has been described as being both immortal and indestructible due to curses by the absent gods of Remnant. Ruby Rose, leader of RWBY, has her own emotional crisis, wanting to do what is best for the world but is conflicted if whether “Best” also means “Right.”

Back to the new costumes, it seems to be a handy method of signifying milestones of development in the characters. While Ruby’s and Weiss’ have minimal modifications, Blake and Yang’s new duds are plain to see. In the case of Yang, her half-pant half-shorts (with stocking and garter) bottom signifies a new balance between her original sexy flirt personality and the covered-up serious mindset she adopted after losing her right arm in season 3. The new designs would certainly look good on upcoming tie-in merchandise. Anyway, the RWBY girls need to make full use of their greater maturation and experience to stop Salem’s sinister plans for the relics of seasons.

Starring the voice talents of Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman and season newcomer Christina Vee (from French 3D series “Miraculous Ladybug”), “RWBY” season 7 premieres November 2.

Image: Rooster Teeth Animation YouTube


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