Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Specs INFO Revealed on SONY PLAYSTATION 5, Due Late 2020

The thing about videogame consoles is that they are lucky to be considered historically successful if they can remain in production and market availability for a decade at average. Sooner or later however, advances in technology will result in the rise of superior machines than any existing console can manage beyond its product life. With Sony which began as a sound chip provider for Nintendo’s Super NES, their game console history started with the first PlayStation in 1994. That and its four successor devices lasted over ten years apiece. Now, with the PS4 over half a decade old, Sony is gearing to unleash the fifth.

The Verge tells us that Sony is at last offering official information on their latest major videogame console, particularly its name and prospective release date. As to be expected, given the proven pedigree of the product line, the new device will be the Sony PlayStation 5, and it is estimated to become available in markets by the Holiday season next year. With regards to specifications of the upcoming console, the company has mentioned some significant upgrades to the controller, as well as alterations to the storage of game media in the device among several changes.

With regards to the PS5 controller, Sony is updating its connectors to USB-C, and the old mechanisms that create its “rumble” vibration feature, something PlayStation controllers have a generally better experience with than its competitors. Instead, a “haptic feedback” function will take over to deliver those sharp jolts when a player character hits or gets hit in combat, or to replicate the feel of a vehicle engine in racing games. Sony promises the haptic tech can produce a broader range of feedback than those. Also mentioned is the implementation of “adaptive resistance” to the shoulder triggers (L2/R2), where game developers can program them to produce tension when depressed for long.

One major change in the Sony PlayStation 5 is its game storage. The line began with a disc drive for game titles and memory-card storage for game saves. It evolved into an internal disk drive for save data as well as for game content as an option. This time around, while PS5 games will still be available in 100GB Blu-ray discs, owners must now install all titles they have onto the console’s internal SSD, which Sony is hyping to be the best console internal drive yet appearing in the field.

With its eight-core CPU, 3D audio, 8K gaming support and more, Sony loyalists will have a lot to look forward to with the PlayStation 5, due to arrive in stores on the 2020 Holiday season.

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