Monday, October 7, 2019

NETFLIX Announces Start of “COWBOW BEBOP” Production with EIN Casting Reveal

Netflix, the world’s most well-known streaming content platform, has quite the stake of anime viewership in its ranks of binge-watchers. Not only does it stream popular anime series but also carries exclusive original productions that can only be seen in their online library. This includes live-action adaptations of some anime, though the quality and reception for these are hit-and-miss. For example, Netflix in 2017 released a film adaptation of “Death Note” that Americanized the setting and characters, which got mixed reactions from audiences. It has not deterred the streaming giant as they have started work on a live-action version of “Cowboy Bebop,” which they teased with a cute little video.
As Comic Book Resources tells us, Netflix released a behind-the-scenes preview of their production preparations for “Cowboy Bebop,” the iconic anime series produced by animation studio Sunrise under the direction of Shinichiro Watanabe. At least that was how they labeled the video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, October 7. In actuality however, it was just a tease that shows the actors and actress comprising the main cast, as well as them greeting the newest addition to their ensemble, who gets his POV as the video.
The preview begins with the camera walking alongside a production crew’s outdoor setup of cameras and other equipment. The shot then goes to the inside of a studio building, following a person just walking ahead of the camera. The curious thing is that the shot is of ankle-level or so to the people in the frame. The reason why is revealed when the “camera” finds its way to a waiting room where John Cho, Daniella Pineda, Mustapha Shakir and Alex Hassel greet the newcomer (with Pineda making cute faces at him). Finally the view turns around to face the observer, a Corgi who starts drinking from a bowl labeled “Ein.”
Ein, as “Cowboy Bebop” fans know, is a minor canine character from the series, a Corgi with enhanced intelligence that was picked up by the bounty hunting crew of the Bebop and joins them in several adventures. The real-life Corgi selected to play the role of the anime dog (and it would only be one of several) at least looks to be of the right shade in his fur, and apparently the cast have no particular allergies similar to how production of the MCU film “Captain Marvel” was hobbled by star Brie Larson’s cat allergy.
John Cho (J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek” reboot films) stars as Spike Spiegel alongside Mustapha Shakir’s Jet Black, Daniella Pineda’s Faye Valentine and Alex Hassel’s Vicious in Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop” series directed by Alex Garcia Lopez (Marvel Netflix series) with original director Shinichiro Watanabe as consultant. As the teaser says, the film is now in production, with no release date set.
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