Tuesday, October 8, 2019


It always should be a cause for celebration with fans of the Philippine entertainment industry whenever one of its many talents receives an accolade from abroad. And in addition to the fandom of the lucky award-winning star, it is their respective agencies, or better yet their mother networks that count the showbiz personality in question as part of their artists’ stable, that would be pleased at the added glory to their branding. For instance, GMA7 artist Alden Richards in August was feted in the 2019 Seoul International Drama Awards. It was a win of sorts for the Kapuso network, but the Kapamilyas have their own 2019 Korean award-winner as well.

According to The Philippine Star, Maja Salvador of ABS-CBN tele-seryes “Wildflower” and “The Killer Bride” has won a Best Actress Award for the inaugural Asia Contents Awards in South Korea. This media awards ceremony was the brainchild of the annual Busan International Film Festival and was held Sunday, October 6. Salvador received her ACA for her role as the vindictive anti-heroine protagonist of “Wildflower,” which ran weekday afternoons on ABS-CBN from 2017 to 2018. Several key persons in the show’s production team also received nominations at the Asian Contents Awards.

In addition to Salvador, Raymund Ocampo and ABS-CBN Production Manager Maru Benitez got nods at the ACAs with the nomination of “Wildflower” for Best Asian Drama, though it did not win at the ceremony. Ocampo was the primary director of the afternoon revenge drama, and he, Benitez and Maja all flew to Busan over the previous weekend to attend the event. Accompanying them was Salvadors non-showbiz boyfriend Rambo Nuñez. For her Best Actress Award acceptance speech, Maja thanked the ACAs for the honor, describing her role as Lily Cruz/Ivy Aguas as a challenge and pleasure. She called her award a great honor for the Philippines.

While already established as a skill actress with versatile roles, Maja Salvador hit upon a definitive typecasting for herself, starting with ABS-CBN’s “Wildflower.” In this and currently-running primetime tele-serye “The Killer Bride,” she has codified the archetype of a normal sweet-natured and innocent person who, after being subjected to physical, emotional and psychological hardships by hostile people and society around her, is twisted into a un-empathetic and gleefully malevolent avenger of her past miseries, but as a result has somewhat become no less monstrous than the guilty parties she targets.

As stated, Maja can be seen on “The Killer Bride,” Monday to Friday evenings on ABS-CBN. While her Asia Contents Awards Best Actress is her first from them, the actress has already proven herself in several other international awards ceremonies.

Image: Maja Salvador Instagram


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