Sunday, October 6, 2019

Legendary Actress AMALIA FUENTES Dead at 79; Showbiz Industry Mourns

It is a sad fact of life that, as time goes on the old but memorable must go while the new take their place. Famous names in say, the entertainment industry, that stand the test of time would eventually fade away with their stars. Such is the case this past weekend with Amalia Amador Mulach, better known as Amalia Fuentes. A legend of the silver screen in decades past, she is known as the first and iconic model for Lux soap, and hailed as the “Elizabeth Taylor” of the Philippines. And last Saturday, her star finally winked out after a lifetime of success and adulation.

CNN Philippines reports that Amalia Fuentes passed away early in the morn on October 5. Born in Bicol, she hailed from one of the biggest dynasties of actors in Philippine showbiz, and her death at the age of 79 is now considered one of the biggest losses of the country’s industry to date. Social media over the weekend has been flooded by tributes and condolences both from prominent figures of the entertainment industry to her own family, many in the business themselves, who are mourning her while also celebrating the fact that she is reunited with her actress daughter Liezl Martinez, whom she had outlived.

Among those who celebrated familial memories of Amalia included her granddaughters by Liezl, Alyanna and Alissa. They both dropped the bombshell of the screen legend’s departure on their Instagram pages. Alyanna’s is a more formal declaration of her grandmother’s death and a request for prayers from their fans and privacy for their family. Alissa Martinez shared a photo of her mother Liezel as a child along with Amalia dressed as a queen with a crown. “My beautiful Lola is now reunited with my mama,” she had captioned. “Rest well Lola. I love you so much.”
Another related major showbiz star to say his piece had been Amalia Fuentes’ nephew Aga Muhlach. He recalled how he was treated more like a son by his aunt and how she inspired him in his own career in entertainment. Also saying their own pieces on the movie legend were singer-actress Lea Salonga, who addressed Amalia as “Tita,” and Gabby Concepcion who had shared roles with her during the 1980s. The now-veteran actor recalled how the older actress helped him by offering advice on how best to weather showbiz controversy. With her death Gabby hailed her as an icon and “a diamond” of the industry.

Fuentes was an acting contemporary of the likes of Eddie Guttierez, Fernando Poe Jr. and his wife Susan Roces. With Poe’s death years ago, and now Amalia’s recent passing, the cinema legends number ever fewer.

Image courtesy of Agamuhlach317 Instagram


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