Monday, October 14, 2019


A good argument could be made by now that, despite documentation like exclusive contracts for this network or that agency or this label, in a way all Filipino showbiz talents are ABS-CBN talents. That is the impression on gets when looking at how many stars from, say, GMA7, no matter how long they have been identified in the public consciousness as Kapuso, will still gamely star in any film production from Star Cinema, the movie-making arm of the Kapamilya network. Dingdong Dantes, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have done it; now it is Dennis Trillo’s turn to tie the networks.

ABS-CBN News reports that Dennis Trillo will be starring in an upcoming horror film from Star Cinema. Titled, “Hellcome Home,” this will actually be the second time the veteran GMA7 star would work with the Kapamilya film studio, and the first time Star Cinema is producing a movie with him on the lead. The first time had been in 2015 when they had distributed Trillo’s “You’re Still the One” which was produced by Regal Films. The actor, who has been a Kapamilya since 2002, was glad to have a second opportunity to work with Star Cinema, which has been the benchmark of quality for the Filipino film industry for years.

In a press conference for “Hellcome Home” this Monday, October 14, Trillo noted that he had fun and considered filming the movie with the ABS-CBN studio to be a great experience. He was also certain that the finished product will be top movie horror brilliance. “Aside from that, I also got to experience working with many artists that thus far I have only seen and watched often [elsewhere],” he adds. And with a supporting cast that includes the likes of Beauty Gonzales, Raymond Bagatsing and Aga Muhlach, Trillo is certainly collaborating with top-caliber Filipino talent.

With regards to the Star Cinema projects already done and coming still from his fellow GMA7 stalwarts, Dennis Trillo says he is not pressuring himself to match the all-time box-office record of “Hello Love Goodbye” with Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo for instance. “This is for me, after all,” the actor explains. “And we are involved in different genres with our projects. There is drama, love story and horror.” There is in fact still an upcoming Star Cinema cross-network film in “Isa Pa with Feelings” starring Maine Mendoza, due to premiere Wednesday, October 16. “Hellcome Home” on the other hand is releasing October 30, ahead of Halloween for the curious.

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