Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Last year, streaming giant Netflix released a black comedy original series that, while quite funny as advertised, also did not sit well some audiences and critics. “Insatiable,” starring Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts, is about a formerly fat high-school girl who, following a liquid diet to become slim, plots bloody vengeance on her tormentors while taking to the pageant circuit with her lawyer/coach. Despite middling reviews and “fat shaming accusations,” the series was renewed for season 2 premiering this month. One of its guest stars is Filipina beauty queen and veteran actress Gloria Diaz who plays a pastiche of herself.

According to ABS-CBN News, Gloria Diaz noted while touring in Manila to promote “Insatiable” season 2 with its lead stars Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan that her involvement with the “black comedy” series started when the production contacted her via Viber chat. At first she had thought they reached out to her by mistake saying, "I didn't really answer it in the beginning until they Viber-ed me again and I said, yeah, okay." With her part in the story already complete with the entire second season, Diaz could look back and say her time in “Insatiable” as “Gloria Reyes” had been both thrilling and challenging.

In the setting of the show, Gloria Reyes is a former beauty queen, specifically a Miss Philippines that won a past Miss Universe pageant, exactly like the actress-titleholder portraying her. Reyes is the idol of Dallas’ character Bob Armstrong, and was the one who inspired his dream career as pageant coach. With his client and prospective beauty queen Patty (Ryan) qualified for regionals, Bob gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet his original muse, in what amounts to a short guest role for Gloria Diaz. The real-life Miss Philippines/Universe notes in advance that she is not a season regular in “Insatiable.”

Nevertheless, the brief time of Gloria Diaz as Gloria Reyes in the Netflix series will carry a lot of weight for the story, seeing as one line of dialogue from her will be the driving arc words of this new season. “Queens take control,” says Reyes, and that will shape the direction the former “Fatty” Patty and her partner-in-crime Bon will take climbing up the pageant ranks while leaving behind a dead body or two. Diaz notes that despite their similar backgrounds, she is personality-wise different from her character aside from her words coming across as humorous to the audience.

Season 2 of “Insatiable” will premiere on Netflix digital streaming this coming Friday, October 11.

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