Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fourth Contestant UNMASKED on “THE MASKED SINGER” S2 on FOX

The time to start guessing has come to Fox once more as the third week of season 2 for “The Masked Singer” rolled into TV sets this past Wednesday night. At its conclusion, all of the 16 featured anonymous contestants have had their first turn on the stage, and with the elimination and unmasking of four (two in the season premiere) there are only a dozen of them left. Week one saw the reveal of a figure skater and e-sports/internet celebrity, while the second bid hello (and goodbye) to Muhammad Ali’s daughter. Who was unmasked this week? Please keep reading.

As Entertainment Weekly puts it, episode three of “The Masked Singer” season 2 sees the last batch of the starting 16 contestants finally compete head to head. They are Flower and Eagle, who were matched against each other, plus Penguin and Fox. The first sing-off saw Flower prevail with Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” against Eagle, who was put at risk by the combined panel-audience vote after a rendition of Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love.” On the second match, Fox rocked to Maroon 5’s “This Love” versus Penguin’s “The Middle” by Maren Morris and Zedd. The vote was for Fox, sending Penguin to the all-or-nothing Smackdown against Eagle.

In the Smackdown, Eagle chose Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking” while Penguin channeled Fifth Harmony for a one-singer take on “Worth It.” With the final verdict from both panel and audience, Eagle fell short twice in the episode and had to take off the mask, revealing himself as celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky. This became a major shock for panel member Ken Jeong, seeing as he had made an appearance on “Loveline,” Dr. Drew’s radio call-in show. Pinsky even teased him for not recognizing his voice at all.

Then again, Dr. Drew as Eagle’s mandatory description hint about himself was rather vague, not dropping a clue of his medical background, only that a parent of his died and he himself had a health scare. The follow-up bit about his being friends with rock stars and dream to be one even briefly also threw off the five-person panel, whose guesses on his identity ranged from Brett Michaels, Howard Stern, Pauly Shore and Jimmy Fallon.

“The Masked Singer” airs new episodes Wednesdays on Fox. Prior contestants unmasked include net celeb Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, figure skater John Weir, and one-time “legacy” boxer Laila Ali, as stated the daughter of Muhammad Ali.

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