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It probably is not so apparent for the most casual of “Batman” fans, especially those who only watched the movies, but in the original DC Comics his sidekick Robin has been many different persons being given the mantle in succession. The most famous movie Robin is the first, Dick Grayson (portrayed by Chris O’Donnel in the 90s films). His comic-book successor Jason Todd is no less famous (for fans primarily in that medium) because of how he was once killed by the Joker in the 80s as a result of a DC Comics telephone poll. And incredibly, that element of Jason’s publication history would be revisited for DC Universe’s “Titans.”

Comic Book Resources tells us that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s video-on-demand service DC Universe has opened an online poll for audiences on whether or not Jason Todd, the second Robin, will live or die on “Titans” season 2. The poll feels like something of a trick question, as last week’s episode on October 4 saw Jason/Robin II (Curran Walters) falling off a skyscraper as the result of an exploding trap by Deathstroke (Esai Morales). But the next episode is releasing this Friday, October 11. It feels like either the question has come too late to matter, or it actually means for some other time.

In a short DC comic book lesson, Jason Todd first appeared in the “Batman” comics in 1983, as another orphan Bruce Wayne takes under his wing as sidekick, after Dick Grayson became Nightwing and left to lead the Teen Titans. Low reader opinions on Todd then led to him being the focus of a 1988 1-900 telephone poll where fans could vote whether he survived or died in the ending of the “Death in the Family” story arc. The “Jason dies” vote won out, and the character stayed dead until revived in 2005 as a villain and occasional dark antihero.

Whatever the implications of this online poll (available only in the US) on the fate of Jason Todd in “Titans” season 2, the fact remains that there are already over 12,000 votes cast for it. Poll voters, who must sign into the DC Universe website, are allowed one vote per day. And as of this article the “Jason dies” vote apparently leads the “Jason lives” option by a margin of several hundred votes. Meanwhile, the sixth episode of “Titans” season 2 comes out this October 11 on DC Universe, and its title “Connor” is a blatant giveaway to which young DC superhero appears next: Superboy.

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