Tuesday, October 15, 2019


The decision by Warner Bros. and DC Films to minimalize interconnectivity between films of the DC Extended Universe franchise following “Justice League” in 2017 seems to be shaping up to a good start. By not trying to toe a line like the Marvel Cinematic Universe does, later films like “Aquaman” and “Shazam!” have been able to tell their stories and tell them well. Warner has also gone to produce stuff like “Joker,” which is separate from the DCEU altogether. The same deal goes for “The Batman,” a new standalone film for the Dark Knight starring Robert Pattinson in the lead. And it looks like he just got his leading lady.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to go with Zoe Kravitz for the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in their DC film “The Batman” due two years from now. While currently best known for her role in the HBO drama series “Little Big Lies,” Kravitz also has some superhero movie credentials under her belt as well. In 2011 she played the insect-winged mutant Angel Salvadore on “X-Men: First Class.” Later, she would voice Catwoman in “The LEGO Batman Movie.” This is important considering certain questions about her casting.

One flag by fans against Kravitz portraying Catwoman would be the argument that the DC Comics character is a Caucasian, while the actress is mostly African-American (with some Bahaman ancestry on her paternal grandmother’s side). It should be noted that Catwoman was alternately portrayed by African-American actress Eartha Kitt in the 1960s “Batman” series with the late Adam West. Then again, there was a relatively recent attempt to make a black Catwoman in 2004 starring Halle Berry as a different character that soured opinions on “race-lifting” comic-book characters for live-action.

Then again, Zoe Kravitz could pull her portrayal of Catwoman more along the lines of Michelle Pfeiffer (“Batman Returns” in 1992) and Anne Hathaway (“The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012). She will get an interesting lead partner in Robert Pattinson, who has taken over the role from Ben Affleck in the retooling of the film as a standalone with no DCEU connections. He is the first British actor to take on the Batman cowl, and may showcase more of his American accent from his time as Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga. “The Batman” starts filming in the UK on January 2020, in anticipation for a June 2021 theater premiere.

Kravitz is the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz, her mother Lisa Bonet being an actress.

Image from The Hollywood Reporter


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