Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Say Hello to the APPLE iPHONE 11, Coming September 20

It was really just a matter of time before Apple unleashed the iPhone 11. After all, the tech giant makes it a point to do such major releases in September of the year, which is of course the present month. And the iPhone line is pretty much an annual affair, with every succeeding model filled with greater ability than before, a selection of new features both intriguing and eyebrow-raising, and finally a pricing that has been going up, up and away. Well, the iPhone 11 finally got up close and personal with the public this Tuesday, and amazingly Apple managed to spring some nice surprises.

The Verge tells us that indeed, the Apple iPhone 11 was officially unveiled for real at Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino on September 10. CEO Tim Cook was of course center stage to introduce the new smartphone to succeed the iPhone XR, and it is certainly new when it comes to looks. The distinctive positioning of camera lenses (and flash) at the back on the upper left are definitely an iconic physical feature of the iPhone 11 and its beefier Pro variant, promising that even more neat stuff is in store for users.

One major change for the iPhone line with the 11 is that the basic model is now presented as the lower-priced entry-level option. Speaking of price, for all its new features the iPhone 11 is actually cheaper than the XR from last year, with a $699 tag or 50 bucks less. For that, Apple regulars will get a 6.1 inch LCD display powered by the new standard A13 Bionic processor and the ability to shoot slow-motion selfie videos, which Cook calls “slowfies.” With 4GB ram, three storage capacity options from 64 to 256GB, IP68 water resistance and iOS 13, the 11 is affordable yet formidable.

But then we have the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. It and the larger 11 Pro Max version are all the base 11 is and more, if the three camera lenses at the back are any indication. They are regular, telephoto and ultra-wide lenses, all with 60 fps and 4K resolution. OLED screens (5.8 inches Pro, 6.5 inches Pro Max) with brightness of 1,200 nits mean impressive display clarity, which Apple terms Super Retina XDR. Gravies on top include Siri, Face ID, support for Apple Pay and Card, and the base iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic processor and GPU, plus iOS 13. Pricing is $999 for the Pro and $1099 for Pro Max.

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Max, will all be officially released this coming September 20, with preorders starting September 13. In terms of colors, the base 11 model now gets six color options: White, Black, Red, Yellow, and new shades Green or Purple. The Pro variants get Silver, Gold, Space Gray and the new addition of Midnight Green.

Image courtesy of ZDNet


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