Thursday, September 5, 2019


“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again,” so goes a rather cliché saying. A possible addition to that sentiment would be, “Just because it didn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it will not work at all.” South Korean electronics giant Samsung certainly took this lesson to heart when their most ambitious mobile device offering, the Galaxy Fold phone-tablet proved to have software and hardware weaknesses revealed in units sent for professional reviews. They postponed its release, went back to the drawing board,” and announced an improved version this past July, for release in September. This first week, we finally know when.

The Verge reports that Samsung will release its groundbreaking, albeit structurally lacking (at first) hybrid mobile device the Galaxy Fold, this coming Friday, September 6. That means it will come out at the same time as a more “conventional” Samsung mobile device, the Galaxy Tab S6. This was announced by the major Korean brand this Thursday, September 5, or a day before it comes out. To be specific, the Friday release is only for South Korea so far, but the overseas markets will not be far behind, likely on the following weeks before September ends.

In addition to the product itself, Samsung has also unveiled the existence of a special “Galaxy Fold Premier Service.” It apparent would entail giving Fold users direct access to company experts with tailored guidance and customer support for the Galaxy Fold, something that likely will be necessary despite the improvements made to the phone-tablet’s folding touchscreen system and the casing mechanisms that make it possible. The only other detail about the Galaxy Fold Premier Service shared by Samsung was that an option for customer support involves one-on-one onboarding sessions, the better perhaps for experts to show users how to maintain the rather complex folding screen.

By now the story is well known to tech-heads and Samsung regulars. Reviewers from tech publications that received advance units of the Galaxy Fold discovered just how easy it was to ruin its mechanism and safety features from repeated use of the folding system, and removing things that should be fixed. When Samsung recalled the review units and cancelled Fold preorders, it was assumed the product would simply not push through. The fact that the Galaxy Fold was announced as releasing in its home country, concurrently with the Tab S6, was a triumph for Samsung.

No other details were given regarding the Premier Service platform except that a subscription to it is part of the $1,980 sticker price for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is a relief. Perhaps when the device release in Korea, more information can be glean ahead of its availability everywhere else.

Image from The Straits Times


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