Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Newest Version of FIREFOX Browser Now BLOCKS ALL 3rd-PARTY Trackers

When exploring the internet on a browser application, a user will end up collecting quite the number of tracking software, little programs produced by third parties for websites and other online presences. These trackers send a user’s browsing data to their originators, telling them what websites the surfer visits, what information he looks for, and so on. While innocuous on its own, the data collected by tracking software can be shared illegally by the companies that got them, as they are supposed to be private. No wonder then that web browsers invest in features to block third-party software trackers. Recently, Mozilla Firefox has proven itself the toughest of them all.

The Verge reports that the latest version of the Firefox browser from Mozilla, numbered 69, has taken the remarkable step of ensuring no tracking software bothered all of its users by leaving activated by default its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature. On a blog post, dated Tuesday, September 3, Mozilla announced the 100% coverage of all users of their browser thanks to Enhanced Tracking Protection on Firefox ver. 69. This update carries on both the desktop and Android mobile versions of the Firefox browser and is their boldest move towards providing security protection for their users.

Of course, for regular Firefox users Enhanced Tracking Protection is not exactly something new. The feature was originally added via updates released on October of 2018, and at the time, users had to opt into the function, as it was not active by default. Then just this past June, Mozilla made ETP activated by default, but only for “new” users who have downloaded and opened Firefox for the first time in their computers or mobile devices. Now there is, as it were, no more excuse in making do without Mozilla’s protection from third-party tracking software.

Granted, compared to tracking blockers from other platforms such as for Apple Safari, the Enhanced Tracking Protection offered by Mozilla Firefox is not a blanket ban over all trackers. Rather, it only keeps out tracking software from a list of sources that have been tagged as offenders, as well as sites added by users. In addition, the ETP also protects from cryptominers, cryptocurrency generators that work by slowing CPUs and draining batteries of affected devices. This is yet another example of annoying online activity going on under the surface that will find no truck with the latest version of the Firefox browser, out this week.

Image courtesy of Mozilla Blog


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