Sunday, September 15, 2019

NEW Costumed Contestants PREVIEWED for “THE MASKED SINGER” Season 2

It must feel liberating for a famous celebrity to do something under the guise of anonymity. Why not sing in front of a studio audience in a concealing costume? A South Korean TV network went with that concept and applied it to a singing competition reality format. Their original show proved popular enough with overseas viewers to generate localized spinoffs. The US is just one of them, with “The Masked Singer” impressing audiences at Fox to earn it two follow-up seasons, one of which is premiering later this month. But already some of the new anonymous contestants have been revealed in a Sunday sneak peek.

Entertainment Tonight tells us that a special primer on the new batch of incognito contestants for season 2 of “The Masked Singer” was shown on Fox this September 15, ahead of the official season premiere next week. With far more confidence in the premise, the production unit (Fox Alternative Entertainment picking up from the now-partly Disney-owned Endemol Shine) has been able to increase the number of masked participants from 12 to 16, which likely means more weeks on air as the titular Masked Singers face off in allotted batches, with weekly elimination/unmasking until one remains.

Similar to how the season 1 batch of contestants were collectively introduced without revealing their identities, Fox has compiled a collective statistics on the group as a whole, the same with what the season 2 singers have in the sneak peek. To wit, these 16 new anonymous participants have, between them: 140 movies (veteran cinematic actors/actresses), 22 gold records, 20 platinum records, 6 multi-platinum records, 31 Billboard #1 singles, 10 Grammy Awards (all for hit music artists), 19 Emmy Awards (TV personalities), 7 Super Bowl appearances (NFL players again), 5 Hall of Famers (can be of any possible sport), 15 marriages, and 8 divorces (now digging into their personal lives).
One surprise draw for viewers of “The Masked Singer” last time has been the impressive costuming used to disguise the contestants. It can be said that the costume department for the show more than earned their pay, as the season 2 singers include: a Black Widow (spider, not Marvel superhero), a Butterfly, an Eagle, an Egg(head), a Flamingo, a Flower, a Fox, an Ice Cream(head), a Lady Bug, a Leopard, a Panda, a Penguin, a Rottweiler (specific dog breed), a Skeleton, a Thingamajig (he got specific focus on the trailer above) and finally a Tree.

Season 2 of “The Masked Singer” begins next week on Wednesday, September 25 at Fox.

Image courtesy of FOX TV


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