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“The Crown” is easily one of the most-watched exclusive series on Netflix, with many viewers tuning in to stream episodes in the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family from shortly before her reign to…probably up to the present if it keeps getting renewed. Its third season is getting close to release while season 4 is already assembling is cast. One idle question of “The Crown” audiences is whether or not the real-life Royal House of Windsor watches the series. As the show-runner reveals, not only do they watch, and that the Queen is (somewhat) a fan, but they also have the privilege of getting season spoilers.

Normally people who spoil plot developments is hot and heavily watched series get negative reactions from the show fandom, but as Vogue Australia tells it Peter Morgan, who created and is principal writer of “The Crown,” his taking steps to inform the Royal Family of the UK in advance what will happen in an upcoming season is a matter of utmost courtesy. Four times in a year, he says, he confers with officials of Buckingham Palace to update the Royals of plot happenings. Morgan describes it: “Respectfully, I tell them what I have in mind and they brace themselves slightly.”

Morgan does his advance spoilers to the House of Windsor because, among several reasons, they are fans of “The Crown.” A Buckingham Palace inside source notes that the Royals on several occasions have done binge-watching of the show during weekends at Windsor Castle, because apparently the Royal Couple have their own personal Netflix account. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly liked the plot progression, though she feels some events have been overly dramatized and in particular, she was upset at a depiction of her husband Prince Philip acting coldly to news that their then-young son Prince Charles was being bullied at school.

It is a fair criticism, as the Queen is rightly worried that the dramatizations done on their family history in “The Crown” stands a chance of being accepted by other viewers as accurate gospel on their dynamics. But Peter Morgan, who based “The Crown” on 2006 film “The Queen” and 2013 stage play “The Audience” (both of which he had written), remarks that he makes it a point to never satirize the Royals and to ensure that they are portrayed with dignity onscreen. “The wheels on this show want it to do satire, which is what we love doing with our political leaders and royals,” Morgan notes. “I’m constantly trying to steer it in the other direction, towards something heroic.”

“The Crown” season 3 premieres on Netflix this November 17.

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