Thursday, September 19, 2019

NBCUNIVERSAL Unveils “PEACOCK” Streaming Service

Where digital streaming media online is concerned, the time of universality in terms of source platforms is fading into the twilight. In its place is a period where all media providers that could, would put all their online content in their own exclusive services. Disney, Warner Media, CBS and the like are all taking steps to separate their respective libraries and force binge-watchers to stick to ideally one. In response, the former “universal” streaming services must develop their own exclusive original content to compensate for what has been pulled. NBCUniversal is following suit with its own platform, the name of which has now been revealed.

The Verge tells us that the exclusive streaming service for NBCUniversal, set to launch next year, will be Peacock, in reference to the NBC logo. The name was revealed by the media conglomerate on Tuesday, September 17. The press release went into detail on the name symbolism, stating that the Peacock branding pays tribute to a rich legacy by NBCUniversal with being at the epicenter of pop culture, thanks to its movies, TV shows, franchises and characters that are familiar and loved by audiences everywhere.

A trend in the many media brands that have started setting up their exclusive streaming services was that, while the central premise was to concentrate their own existing digital media in one place, more attention is being drawn to what new and original stuff they can offer the consumer that they will not find in the old “common” streaming platforms and the other exclusive ones. NBCUniversal thus emphasizes that Peacock will be the home of a number of original series from some of the most familiar show-runners that have contributed programming for NBC. For example, Mike Schur of “Parks and Recreation” will spearhead a reboot of 80s NBC staple “Punky Brewster,” while Sam Esmail of “Mr. Robot” will also remake sci-fi TV classic “Battlestar Galactica.”

The existing media content guaranteed for Peacock is not something to sneeze at either. Every media arm of NBCUniversal will have its share of stuff for the platform, from Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Illumination and more. And then, topical programs such as news, late-night talk, reality and sports coverage will also find their way into this exclusive service for dedicated fans of NBCUniversal content, which the press release estimates to reach about 15,000 hours back to back. It will officially launch on April 2020 with ad-supported and ad-free levels of subscription.

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