Wednesday, September 4, 2019


In their romantic drama film “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” which premiered at the end of July, Star Cinema and by extension ABS-CBN have hit upon a perfect storm of popular entertainment power. There was the lead tandem, an improvised pairing of Kapamilya Kathryn Bernardo and Kapuso Alden Richards. There is the relatable story setting of OFW life in Hong Kong. Then there was the multimedia promo blitz such as a novel adaptation with additional story chapters and epilogue. All of these contributed to a box office explosion unlike anything ever seen in Philippine cinema. And it is true, because the movie has indeed broken the record.

ABS-CBN News reports that in over a month of theatrical showing in local and international cinemas, Star Cinema’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye” has finally become the highest grossing Philippine movie of all time. The studio’s box office tracking has taken notice that, as of Tuesday, September 3, the Kahtryn-Alden romantic drama starrer has earned P880,603,490 combined from domestic and overseas screenings. It was no wonder then that ABS-CBN held a thanksgiving event that Tuesday with the network leadership joining the creative and production posses, as well as the film’s main cast.

This triumph in particular is definitive proof that the star-director dynamic between Kathryn and Cathy Garcia-Molina is a nigh-unbeatable combination. It should be recalled that the two worked together last year as well, for “The Hows of Us” where Bernardo costarred with her default partner and real-life boyfriend Daniel Padilla. That film had been considered the all-time highest-grossing Filipino movie as of 2018, after its combined Philippine-world gross added up to just over P800 million. This time, they project ended up hitting the sun while aiming for the moon, as it were, with the figure closer to crossing P900 million. Thus, actress and director together now hold the distinction of having more than one all-time blockbuster on their respective filmographies.

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” is indeed now being seen as another landmark achievement in Philippine cinema industry, as well as the fan community. There was little real friction between the fans of the default “Kath-Niel” and “Al-Dub” fans that were near-universally supportive of the “Kath-Den” this time around. Of course, such an epic undertaking like this film can take a toll. While some viewers are interested in a sequel, especially following the book version, that might time a while as director Cathy Garcia-Molina has announced a break for personal reasons after completing two more Star Cinema projects coming up sometime soon.

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