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These days, legendary singer and actress Sharon Cuneta is not exactly swimming in projects, and her last regular engagement on television was as coach on the inaugural season of reality singing competition “The Voice Teens” back in 2017. Still she has always been seemingly on hand when the showbiz industry, particularly her mother network ABS-CBN, might have need of her. But that too might soon change. It was in the wake of the departure of her daughter Frankie with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan for New York to continue her college education there, that the one and only Megastar has publicly broached her intend to go into “semi-retirement” from the showbiz industry.

ABS-CBN News has it that Sharon Cuneta went on her Instagram account with a rather lengthy post detailing her plans to semi-retire after just over four decades in the entertainment profession. That is certainly a long enough time for a professional like her to finally decide to take things easy. “Since last year l have seriously been thinking of semi-retiring,” Sharon wrote on Instagram. “I am so very tired. It has been 41 years of work, work, work for me, and at some point, you really need to say to yourself that ‘that’s enough.' When will it ever be enough? Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say it’s okay, and it’ll all be okay," she added.

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I couldn’t talk about how it was when Kakie and I said our goodbyes. This is all I can share with you. Taken a few minutes before I left for the airport. I had asked her to not take me downstairs and see me leave the hotel, so the goodbyes were in the room, where I was trying so very hard to hold back my tears. I left her by our room’s door, then she closed it and stayed inside. I walked to the elevator and let go of my tears. Then while I was waiting for the lift to come up to our floor, she ran from the room to me and we hugged each other one last time, our tears freely flowing now, then I told her to run back to the room before I entered the elevator. It was a painful goodbye. But my girl is strong. She is my and her Daddy’s daughter, so I know she will be fine. I miss her so much. But this is for her own good and I have put my selfishness aside to let her spread her wings and fly. On another note, and this is important- Since last year l have seriously been thinking of semi-retiring. I am so very tired. It has been 41 years of work, work, work for me, and at some point, kailangan na rin sabihin sa sarili na “tama na.” When will it ever be enough? Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say it’s okay, and it’ll all be okay. Maybe I’ll do a concert here and there every once in a while, or a movie that I feel will really be worth the few months it’ll take me away from my home and family. Sinasabi ko na sa inyo ito, mga mahal kong Sharonians. Mahal na mahal ko kayo...pero pagod na rin si Mama...Di naman siguro ako biglang forever na mawawala...pero konting-konti na lang siguro ang kakayanin kong ibigay until magpahinga na ako at i-enjoy naman ang tinatawag na private life na alam ng karamihan pero tungkol saan kokonti lang ang alam ko...I know you will all understand. I love you all and this has nothing to do with Kakie leaving. Like I said, last year ko pa naiisip at nararamdaman ito, at kinausap ko na rin ang pamilya at manager at team ko noon pa tungkol dito. I love you all so much, and I will try my very best to give you the best of me before I say goodbye. God bless us all. Goodnight everyone.๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒŸ❤️❤️❤️๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
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She is quick to clarify however that her semi-retirement decision is in no way connected to her emotional parting with Frankie, her eldest daughter by Senator Francis Pangilinan who is going abroad for college. According to Sharon, making the choice to “enjoy her private life” more was the fruit of a period of discussion with her family, her production team and her manager after feeling the rightness of time to do so since last year.

Sharon Cuneta did stress the “semi” modifier of her retirement plans. She notes that she will still have both time and interest to perform at the occasional concert, or star in any film she feels to be particularly interesting. “I will tell you this, my beloved Sharonians,” her Instagram post went on. “I love you all…but Mama is getting tired…and surely I won’t just suddenly disappear from the scene.” Still the Megastar noted that she does not have as much to give now as before, hence her desire to find time to rest. She did promise that when she eventually says goodbye ahead of a full retirement, she will give her very best farewell engagement.

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